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Major Facility Information of KAIST SoC

Facilities for education and research purposes are available for faculty and students of the CS department. Seminar and conference rooms are equipped with various technological resources ready for use. Faculty and students may also request to rent resources available at Technology Room.

  • Department in charge: Computer Science and Technology Office
  • Contact information: 042-350-3506, 3509
  • Last revision date: 2022-12-08
  • Lecture Video Recording and Editing Manual (Attachment)
  • Video Conference Manual (Attachment)
  • Other resources
  1. E-Learning equipment (available at Faculty Conference Room, Oh Sang-su Classroom, Classrooms on the 1st-4th floor, Seminar room on the 1st and 2nd floor, CARE Conference Room)
    Cyber lecture contents creator and editor manual (Attachment), Video Conference Manual (Adobe connect- Attachment)
  2. OFFICESHOW (available at Faculty Conference Room)
    User manual (Attachment)
  3. Permanent Resources and Disuse Process
    Department resources table (Attachment)
  4. Telephone Directory
    Department telephone directory (Attachment)
  5. Information and communication technology (http://ict.kaist.ac.kr)
    IP address application
    NIC authorization
    User authorization
    N-Zone application
  6. Maintenance Issues
    Report to Machine Room (T. 3200) or Electricity Room (T. 3300)
  7. Research Equipment
    ODROID-T Platform Developer Version (3EA)
    ODROID-S Platform Developer Version (28EA)
  8. Resources available for rent at Technology Room
    10 Laptops, 30 Projectors, 1 Projector screen, 15 Easels, 1 Camera, 27 Android kits, 3 Visual presenters, Various cables, Toolbox