Interactive Computing (HCI) Curriculum Guide

The KAIST School of Computing offers a track in Interactive Computing for students interested in deeper, concentrated studies on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Social Computing. Students who follow this track will have opportunities to explore the area further via independent research, URP, and undergraduate thesis research. Moreover, due to the highly practical nature of the field, students can master the foundational knowledge and skills applicable to various industry applications of computer science.

Interactive Computing (HCI) Curriculum List
Code Course name
CS270 Creative design of intelligent robots
CS374 Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction
CS380 Introduction to Computer Graphics
CS442 Mobile Computing and Application
CS473 Introduction to Social Computing
CS482 Interactive Computer Graphics
CS492 [Special Topics in CS] Social Media and Culture
CS492 [Special Topics in CS] Intelligent User Interfaces: AI and HCI
Code Course name
CS564 Big Data Analytics Using R
CS572 Intelligent Robotics
CS584 Human-Computer Interaction
Graduate Code Course name
CS612 Social Network-Aware Ubiquitous Computing
CS788 [Special Topics in CS] Human-Computer Interaction