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Academic Programs in School of Computing

KAIST School of Computing offers academic programs for B.S., M.S, and Ph.D. degrees. The study of computing today is not only limited to a problem-solving but also involves in making people’s life better. The core study of the foundations in computing is algorithms, programming languages, and operating systems. In addition, as the computing has integrated into our lives, the applied studies, like visual, social, and interactive computing have become important subfield of the computing.

As for the special programs in a graduate level, the Graduate School of Information Security (GSIS) focuses more on cybersecurity and offers M.S and Ph.D. degrees. On the other hand, the Software Graduate Program and Mobile Software Program offer only the master’s degree focusing on the particular specialized area. The Software Graduate Program offers a curriculum to train the students to become a global leading software engineer with management and communication skills in a software industry.


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Internship Programs

The school of computing offers various domestic/international internship programs in order to provide students opportunities to apply what they learn from the school to real-world problems in industries since the Spring semester of 2008. More information is available in the web page (available in Korean only).