Secure Computing Curriculum Guide

The secure computing curriculum at the KAIST School of Computing provides interdisciplinary courses covering system hacking, system security, software security, Web security and cryptography. The offered classes provide in-depth understanding of various security vulnerabilities and their risks. The curriculum also focuses on mitigating the addressed vulnerabilities and designing secure systems.

Secure Computing Curriculum List
Code Course name
CS204 Discrete Mathematics
CS230 System Programming
CS330 Operating Systems and Lab.
CS341 Introduction to Computer Network
CS420 Compiler Design
CS448 Introduction to Information Security
Code Course name
CS510 Computer Architecture
CS546 Wireless Mobile Internet
CS548 Advanced Information Security
Graduate Code Course name
IS511 Information Security
IS521 Information Security Lab.
IS522 Introduction to System Security
IS531 Hacking Exposed
IS539 Network Security
IS561 Binary Code Analysis and Secure Software Systems
IS571 Advanced Cyber Security Practice
IS572 Embedded System Security
IS593 [Special Topics] Web/Mobile Service Security
IS631 Kernel System Security
IS632 Hypervisor System Security
IS681 Content Security
IS893 Advanced Software Security