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Introduction to additional domestic and international programs


Dual-degree programs

With a dual degree program, a student may receive two degrees: one from KAIST, and one from another university. Currently our department has four such programs. Note that you need to apply for these programs during the first semester of the master program at KAIST.

Professors in charge for dual-degree programs
  • TUB/DTU dual-degree program: Tae Kyun Kim (link)
  • KAIST-CQUT dual-degree program: Tae Kyun Kim (link)


Student exchange programs

Students exchange programs provide opportunities for our students to study at a university overseas for one or two semesters. The courses taken there are counted equivalently towards graduation at KAIST (that is, credits taken overseas are transferred to KAIST). KAIST has arrangements for student exchange with many universities around the world.