Software Design Curriculum Guide

Software design and engineering deal with ways to design and implement large scale software systems, as well as how to analyze and validate them. This curriculum at the KAIST School of Computing covers the entire lifecycle of software, starting from analysis of user requirements to validation of finished software. In addition, to cope with the increasing size and complexity of software systems, it focuses on ways to automate various tasks to improve the efficiency of development. Knowledge of software engineering forms the basis of development of all software systems that require high quality and high reliability.

Software Design Curriculum List
Code Course name
CS350 Introduction to Software Engineering
CS453 Automated Software Testing
CS454 AI-Based Software Engineering
CS457 Requirement Engineering for Smart Devices
CS459 Introduction to Service Computing
CS492 [Special Topic in CS] Automated Software Analysis
Code Course name
CS550 Software Engineering
CS552 Models of Software Systems
CS554 Designs for Software and Systems