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School Life
The KAIST School of Computing supports various academic and social events throughout the academic year. These events enhance the academic experience of our students by providing opportunities for interaction with peers and faculty members outside of the classroom. Some of the major events include Membership Training (MT), hiking trip, strawberry party, and grdudate student social. More details on student life can be found in the Student Handbook [link].


Contact points
Academic Registrar’s Team (E11, 1st Floor)
Course registration, GPA, academic certificates
E-mail: bonhyok9@kaist.ac.kr Ext # 2362

Admission Team (E11, 2nd Floor)
Information on admission
E-mail: admission@kaist.ac.kr Ext # 2143
Home Page: http://admission.kaist.ac.kr

Internet & Network Team (N2, 3rd Floor)
Information on internet & Network (N2, 3rd Floor)
E-mail: cosmos@kaist.ac.kr Ext # 5688
Home Page: http://itc.kaist.ac.kr

Student Affairs Team (E11, 1st Floor)
National Health Insurance,Scholarships for enrolled student
E-mail: imkoobae@kaist.ac.kr Ext # 2163

Student Welfare Services Team (E11, 1st Floor)
Dormitory, KAIST Student Health Insurance Association
E-mail: augie57@kaist.ac.kr Ext # 4711

Office of Advising & Support for International Students(W2-1,1st Floor)
Assisting the international students in settling in the academic and campus life and in adjusting to new culture.
E-mail: oasis@kaist.ac.kr Ext # 2481
Home Page: http://oasis.kaist.ac.kr


Emergency Call
Campus police 4200
Fire, accidents 4000
Night duty office 3000
Fire department(ambulance) 119
Police Station 112

School/Department/Division Phone Web Address
Physics 2503 http://crom.kaist.ac.kr/english
Biological Sciences 2603 http://bio.kaist.ac.kr/index_eng.htm
Mathematical Sciences 2703 http://mathsci.kaist.ac.kr
Chemistry 2804 http://chem.kaist.ac.kr/eng
Civil & Environmental Engineering 3602 http://civil.kaist.ac.kr
Mechanical Engineering 3005 http://me.kaist.ac.kr/eng/index.php
Aerospace Engineering 3702 http://ae.kaist.ac.kr/eng/index.html
Industrial Design 4502 http://id.kaist.ac.kr/
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering 3902 http://che.kaist.ac.kr
Materials Science & Engineering 3303 http://mse.kaist.ac.kr
Nuclear & Quantum Engineering 3804 http://nuclear.kaist.ac.kr/new/english
Electrical Engineering 3403 http://www.ee.kaist.ac.kr
Computer Science 3502 http://www.cs.kaist.ac.kr
Bio & Brain Engineering 4302 http://biosys.kaist.ac.kr/English
Graudate School of Culture Technology 2902 http://ct.kaist.ac.kr
Graduate School of Medical Science & Engineering 4232 http://gpmse.kaist.ac.kr
Graduate School of Automobile Technology 4102 http://gsat.kaist.ac.kr
Ocean System Engineering 1502 http://kaist-ocean.or.kr
Industrial & System Engineering 3102 http://iedhcp.kaist.ac.kr/english/main.htm
Intelligent Service Engineering 1602 http://isl.kaist.ac.kr:8080/ise
Nanosience & Technology 1102 http://nanoscience.kaist.ac.kr
Nanosience & Technology *1-3212 http://business.kaist.ac.kr/eng


OASIS Registration for International Students
New international students should come and register at OASIS(room104, building W2-1) upon arrival at KAIST. You need to bring your passport, passport size pictures, medical record and the papers you received from the Office of Admissions. Through the OASIS Registration, you’ll be directed or assisted with the following items.
• Sign up for KAIST systems
• Dormitory room application/assignment process
• Opening of a personal bank account
• Issuance of Student ID Card
• Foreigner registration
• Subscription of health insurance
• New student orientation schedule & contents

Various orientation programs help you settle down quickly in the new campus life in KAIST. They are usually held in E11 building for a week before the beginning of a new semester.


 Get Yourself Connected

Postal Service
Mail is delivered first to KAIST mail room then distributed to each office, and dormitory twice a day.

To send mail, visit the Post Office located on the 1st floor of the Student Center (N12). Specify "express" or "registered" on the envelope if you need such services, and pay accordingly.

After finishing your program in KAIST, you can send your belongings to your next address via surface or air mail. At the post office where carton boxes are available, people there will help you pack up. Each box can contain up to 20 kilograms

On campus, laboratories, school offices and dormitories are connected with four-digit phone numbers. From the outside, they can be called with the area code of 042 and prefix 350 or 351. You can receive domestic and international calls with any telephone on the campus, but sometimes they are locked and only outgoing calls can be made. To make calls from dormitories, it is necessary to purchase pre-paid phone cards.

Korea’s prefix for international call is 82 and Daejeon’s area code is 042. Your family can reach you by dialing +82-42-350-XXXX or +82-42-351-XXXX.

Telephone cards may be bought at on campus shops and outside convenience stores. The telephone cards are available in four prices: 2,000, 3,000, 5,000 and 10,000 KRW. There are three types of pay phones: coin-operated phones, card phones and coin and card phones.

To make an international call from a pay phone, Dial 001, 002, 0052 or 00700+country code+area code+local number.

It is possible to make international calls using credit cards. Phones offering this service are installed at hotels and major public facilities and have English instructions on their use.

Mobile Phone
There are three mobile phone operators in Korea: SKT, KTF and LGT. Procedures for mobile phone subscription are a little more complicated for foreign residents. You are recommended to be accompanied by a Korean colleague when you visit a mobile phone shop to subscribe to a post-paid or pre-paid service.

Inside KAIST campus, there is one KTF-Show shop on the 2nd floor of Tae Wul Gwan (N13). N-Zone service is provided enabling free phone calls for KTF subscribers inside the Daejeon campus.

If you are going to use mobile phone just for a short period, rental services are available, but remember charges are quite high. Rental services firms are: Yellowpage Korea Co., Ltd.
+82-2-725-0411 (Fax +82-2-720-0052) J.B.I. Technology +82-2-3481-9925 (Fax +82-2-3481-9926)

The standard voltage is 220V. Two-pin plugs are standard on most electrical equipment.