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  • AI is Computing Theory

    Not only statistics and mathematical analytics, but computational theories, such as software engineering and programming languages, serve as an essential foundation in developing more accurate, convenient, secure, equitable, and explainable AI. In addition, the development of computational theories and techniques using AI technology is actively progressing.

    Computing Theory Lab
  • AI is Systems-Networks

    In order to apply AI technology to production and society in general, high-performance systems and networks are necessary to handle the required amount of computation and data transfer. Also, research on optimizing systems and networks or devising new designs using AI technology is being actively conducted.

    Systems-Networks Lab
  • AI is Software Design

    We are entering a world where anyone can easily create software using AI. AI is widely used in various fields, such as automatic program generation techniques for non-experts, automatic program repair techniques for professional developers, and automatic tutoring techniques for learners.

    Software Design Lab
  • AI is Secure Computing

    AI technology is contributing greatly to enhancing the accuracy of automatic security vulnerability detection technology. At the same time, countermeasures against security threats targeting AI itself are being actively developed.

    Secure Computing Lab
  • AI is Visual Computing

    Various research topics in the field of visual computing for the future society, such as virtual reality, metaverse, autonomous driving, games, and robots, are being realized through AI technology.

    Visual Computing Lab
  • AI is AI-Information Service

    Current AI technology is based on various foundational technologies, including machine learning, data mining, and big data analysis, and is deployed in real life through applications such as information retrieval, recommender systems, natural language processing, computer vision, and robotics.

    AI-Information Service Lab
  • AI is Social Computing

    AI is redefining what can be studied in social computing. AI helps us better understand the interaction between social behavior and computational systems, particularly through studies on social intelligence in the cyber-physical-social systems.

    Social Computing Lab
  • AI is Interactive Computing

    Human-centric AI is emerging as a very important field of AI research. We look into how users interact with AI systems, how people can contribute to datasets and other aspects of machine learning and AI system development, as well as how AI can impact humans and society.

    Interactive Computing Lab