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  • [COVID-19 Emergency Diagnosis] World's First “COVI..

    This broadcast is about the world's first “Coronavirus Diffusion Prevention System” by Professor Han in our depart

  • [AI Sapiens era] AI shares emotion with humans

    In the movie 'Her', the male protagonist falls in love with the artificial intelligence (AI) operating system (OS) Samanth

  • Naver-KAIST foster AI experts together

    Naver and Naver Business Platform (NBP) announced that they have signed a business agreement (MOU) with the Korea Advanced Institu

  • KAIST and Microsoft developed a realtime high-qual..

    A research team led by Professor Min H. Kim in our department together with MSRA developed a texture fusion technology that enable

  • Block infordemic

    Professor Meeyoung Cha started a project called 'Facts before rumors' to block infodemic with a research team in the colle

  • Hackers are able to extract passwords from electri..

    http://me2.do/FNi187ea Prof. Kwangjo Kim in our computer science department have interviewed about the vulnerability of the ele

  • KAIST and MarkAny developed an AI-based content in..

    A research team led by Prof. Heung­Kyu Lee in the KAIST computer science department together with MarkAny corp. developed an A

  • Prof. Juho Kim had interview in D-forum by SBS

    Prof. Juho Kim talked about social phenomenon including authentic online discussion in a news program by SBS.

  • Prof. Sungho Jo was featured in 'Homoscience’, KBS

    Prof. Sungho Jo at the KAIST School of Computing was featured in a TV program, 'Homoscience’ by KBS.

  • KAIST, codeveloped an AI-education program with Lu..

    Prof. Sungho Jo established an AI-education program with Luxrobo (CEO: Sanghun Oh) - an edu-tech startup in South Korea. DETAILS

  • [Science Column] VR and AI

    This is Professor Park Jin-ah's contribution about VR and AI published in the JoongAng Ilbo on March 1. http://www.joongdo.

  • ˝Move it my way!˝ : Development of Robot Hands to ..

    This is a press article from Professor Cho Seong-ho of KAIST School of Computing in connection with the development of wearable ro

  • Professor Moonzoo Kim, adopted an ICSE 2019 SE in ..

    ACM/IEEE ICSE Software Engineering in Practice (SEiP) track, the world's top academic society in software engineering, has ado

  • Development of Computer-Anti-Error-Preventing Tool..

    Along with Professor Ryu Seok-young of School of Computing, Dr. Bae So-ra and Lee Sung-ho of School of Computing developed a mathe

  • Watching Youtube by using a mirror as a touch scre..

    Research team led by Professor Shin In-sik and Professor Kim Hyo-soo, School of Computing, developed a smart phone-based touch sou

  • Professor Meeyoung Cha was Chosen as IBS CI(Chief ..

    The Institute of Basic Science (IBS) selected three professors, Sang-il Eom, Homin Kim, and Meeyoung Cha, to explore new areas of

  • KAIST developed watermarking technology based on a..

    Related articles "KAIST, Artificial Neural Network based watermarking technology development" of Professor Lee Heung-kyu

  • Prof. Juho Kim’s research team developed algorithm..

    Prof. Juho Kim and his research team developed an algorithmic platform for organizing and analyzing various sequential knowledge f

  • Wanju Local Food cooperative adapted the agricultu..

    The Oliot platform, developed by a research team led by Prof. Daeyoung Kim, has been applied to Wanju Local Food cooperative, one

  • Prof. Insik Shin develops 'Flexroid' technology th..

    Prof. Insik Shin's research team developed 'Flexroid', an Android operating system technology that prevents the inappr

  • Master student Hyung-Uk Ryu scores the top in the ..

    Linked is an article on KAIST School of Computing Master student Hyung-Uk Ryu's top scoring on the TOPCIT The article in Ko

  • Regular member of the National Academy of Engineer..

    Prof. Sue Bok Moon was appointed as a regular member of the National Academy Engineering of Korea on January 3, 2018. An article i

  • Prof. Insik Shin develops technology to reduce sma..

    Prof. Insik Shin’s research team developed technology that can reduce the power consumption of smartphone web browsers down

  • Prof. Min H. Kim’s research, compact hyperspectral..

    Prof. Min H. Kim’s research project, compact hyperspectral imaging, is in press of EurekAlert Science News and Photonics Med

  • Aug 16 Segye Daily, “KAIST produces Korea’s first ..

    (Pictured in the middle: School of Computing student Hanbyul Lee) Aug 16 Segye Daily, “KAIST produces Korea’s first

  • App that adjusts smartphone notifications accordin..

    Pictured: KAIST personnel involved in the SCAN technology research effort. From the left, KAIST SoC Professors Sung-Ju Lee, Dongm

  • Mobile smart device platform for app functionality..

    Linked are articles on School of Computing Professor Insik Shin’s lab and their development oㄹ mobile platform technology fo

  • Reading emotions with AI: emotion analysis AI syst..

    Linked is a 2017 July 12 article about Professor Sungho Jo on the Electronic Times. Article in Korean: http://www.etnews.com/20170712000212

  • [KAIST Leads in AI] AI for human cooperation capab..

    Linked is a 2017 June 26th Monday Korean article published by the Electronic Times on KAIST School of Computing Professor Sungeui

  • [KAIST Leads in AI] <5> Deep Learning, the Pearl o..

    The Electronic Times published a Korean article on 2017 May 14th on KAIST School of Computing Professor Sungeui Yoon’s lab a

  • [KAIST Leads in AI] <Epilog> SoC at the Center of ..

    Linked is a 2017 July 10 article published by the Electronic Times (in Korean). http://www.etnews.com/20170710000276?SNS=00002&

  • [KAIST Leads in AI] KAIST SoC Widens the Frontiers..

    Linked is a 2017 July 10 article published by the Electronic Times (in Korean). http://www.etnews.com/20170710000277

  • [KAIST Leads in AI] AI & SW at the forefront of th..

    Linked is a 2017 July 10th Electronic Times article on the School of Computing. Article in Korean: http://www.etnews.com/2017

  • [KAIST Leads in AI] Deep Learning Based Intelligen..

    The Electronic Times published an article on Professor Sungho Jo’s research on deep learning based intelligent robot vision

  • Drone-Based 3D Scanning Technology for Large Struc..

    Pictured: KAIST SoC Prof. Sungho Jo (Left), and Ph.D. Student Soohwan Song (Right) Electronic Times published an article on res

  • SoC Prof. Sungho Jo Researches Technology to Contr..

    The Electronic Times published an article on our very own School of Computing Professor Sungho Jo’s Research on AI and drone

  • KAIST SoC student’s online education platform star..

    The following are news (in Korean) on elice, a start up by School of Computing Ph.D student Jaewon Kim (Advisor: Prof. Alice Oh).

  • KAIST to develop quantum computer proof ‘fully hom..

    Below is an article on School of Computing Professor Kwangjo Kim’s efforts on developing ‘fully homomorphic crypto-sig

  • KAIST Professor Kwangjo Kim becomes the first Kore..

    Following is a link to the ET News article on Professor Kwangjo Kim, the first Korean International Association for Cryptologic Re

  • Prof. Insik Shin awarded Samsung Future Technology..

    Our very own School of Computing Professor Insik Shin was awarded Samsung Future Technology Promotion Project, Creative ICT Compon

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