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Lab. Internship Recruitment

KAIST School of Computing provides information on research lab internships as follows.
This page provides a collection of internship recruitment announcements from laboratories. For detailed information including eligibility requirements (specific courses taken, number of attended semesters, etc.), please click the banners below.

■ Research field

You can check the research fields of each laboratory on the following page (https://cs.kaist.ac.kr/content?menu=57).


■ Internship allowance

The amount of allowance is different for each laboratory, please check the announcement for each laboratory through the banners below.

■ Duration and hours of work

The internship program is for the summer/winter semesters. Expected working hours vary among labs, such as full-time or 10 hours/week, so please check the exact schedule through the banners below.


■ Location

The student may be offered a placement in the laboratory office or remote work with regular offline/online meetings. This is different for each lab, so please check the announcements through the banners or ask the lab individually.


■ Course credits

Students can get course credits for Research in Computer Science (CS490) or Individual Study (CS495) if they apply for the courses within the course registration period or the course Add/Drop period of the corresponding semester.


■ Dormitory

  • In the case of KAIST members, apply for dormitory according to [KAIST portal > Notice > Dormitory] when the internship schedule is confirmed with a lab.

  • In the case of non-KAIST members, apply for dormitory through [kds.kaist.ac.kr > Dormitory Application > Outsider application]


■ Recruitment of non-KAIST members

Some laboratories open internship opportunities for non-KAIST members. Please check the recruitment announcement for each lab through the banners below.