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Welcome Message from the Head of School

The School of Computing strives for the KAIST Vision for 2025, “Knowledge Creation and Innovation for Humanity,” by pursuing a common goal of Human-Centric Computing in our diverse research fields. Our 1,075 students, 50 faculty members, and 16 staff members strive for excellence in their respective roles to advance computer science research and education.

Since its establishment in 1972, the School of Computing has kept its place as the best school of computer science in Korea, and produced 1,700 bachelors, 2,000 masters, and 700 Ph.D.s. Our graduates have taken leading roles in academia, laboratories, and industry of Korea. Furthermore, they are actively engaged as senior members in international corporate companies and research laboratories. The prospects for our graduates remain brighter than ever, as the need for high-quality software and hardware engineers continues to increase worldwide.

One of the key aspects in achieving the KAIST Vision for 2025 is developing global leadership for Human-Centric Computing. All members of the School will continue to expand our research and education efforts to foster creative IT minds, problem solving for humanity, interdisciplinary research, and novel information services.



Myoung Ho Kim
Head, School of Computing