Computing Theory Curriculum Guide

Theory is a fundamental foundation of computing and includes research areas such as algorithms, computational complexity, graph theory, computational geometry, discrete geometry, programming languages, compilers. We offer the following related courses.

Computing Theory Curriculum List
Code Course name
CS202 Problem Solving
CS204 Discrete Mathematics
CS206 Data Structure
CS220 Programming Principles
CS300 Introduction to Algorithms
CS320 Programming Language
CS322 Formal Languages and Automata
CS370 Symbolic Programming
CS402 Introduction to Logic for Computer Science
CS420 Compiler Design
CS422 Computation Theory
Code Course name
CS500 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
CS504 Computational Geometry
CS520 Theory of Programming Languages
CS522 Theory of Formal Languages and Automata
CS579 Computational Linguistics
Graduate Code Course name
CS600 Graph Theory
CS620 Theory of Compiler Construction
CS624 Program Analysis
CS700 Topics in Computation Theory