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  • AI for Detecting Aimbots in FPS Games

    BotScreen is a fully distributed AI system that can detect aimbots in FPS games in a scalable and reliable manner using a trusted

  • Vulnerable Program Synthesis Technology That Can V..

    ※ Paper Title: Fuzzle: Making a Puzzle for Fuzzers ※ Author Information: Haeun Lee (KAIST, first author), Soomin Kim (KAIST), San

  • Learning Representations of Bi-Level Knowledge Gra..

    Researchers at KAIST's Department of Computing Jiyoung Whang published a paper titled "Learning Representations of Bi-Lev

  • KAIST Developed AI that Distinguishes Objects by C..

    Korean researchers have succeeded in developing "Artificial Intelligence (AI)" that can recognize objects by learning th

  • Privacy Risks and Perceived Benefits in Open Datas..

    Privacy Risks and Perceived Benefits in Open Dataset Collection for Emotion AI Research Hyunso Lee, a Ph.D. candidate (advisor:

  • Development of Data Cleansing Technology That Can ..

    < Photograph of the researchers (Dr. Dongmin Park, Professor Jaegil Lee)> Recently, services using deep learning technolo

  • FedBalancer: Data and Pace Control for Efficient F..

    Federated Learning (FL) trains a machine learning model on distributed clients without exposing individual data. Unlike centralize

  • PartGlot: Learning Shape Part Segmentation from La..

    Juil Koo (advisor: Minhyuk Sung), a master's student at KAIST School of Computing, has introduced a novel approach to learning

  • Differentiable transient rendering for non-line-of..

    Rendering includes techniques and theories to simulate light transport effects on 3D scenes such as reflection, refraction, and sc

  • Confidence-Based Robot Navigation Under Sensor Occ..

    Professor Sung-Eui Yoon from the school of computing at KAIST has developed a robust robot navigation method under sensor occlusio

  • Designing a digital health service that supports h..

    Professor Uichin Lee’s research team from the School of Computing at KAIST and Professor Ha-Kyung Kong from Seattle Universi

  • Mitigating Language-Dependent Ethnic Bias in BERT

    Jaimeen Ahn, a student researcher in the Users & Information Lab led by Prof. Alice Oh at the School of Computing, published a

  • Testing Deep Learning Systems

    New technique can guide systematic testing of machine learning components Prof. Shin Yoo's team of KAIST School of Computin