Systems and Networks Curriculum Guide

Systems-and-Networks area at the KAIST School of Computing provides the curriculum for computer system hardware/software, and networking technologies. The curriculum covers the basis and application of various computer system and network technologies, including the mobile and distributed systems based on the networked system design discipline. It provides the fundamental education for critical technologies, such as mobile computing, cloud computing, internet technology, massive data center systems, IoT (Internet of Things), GPU/accelerators for deep learning, system security, and distributed data analysis platforms.

Systems and Networks Curriculum List
Code Course name
CS211 Digital System and Lab.
CS230 System Programming
CS310 Embedded Computer System
CS311 Computer Organization
CS330 Operating Systems and Lab.
CS341 Introduction to Computer Network
CS420 Compiler Design
CS442 Mobile Computing and Application
CS443 Distributed Algorithms and Systems
Code Course name
CS510 Computer Architecture
CS530 Operating System
CS540 Network Architecture
CS542 Internet Systems Technology
CS543 Distributed Systems
CS546 Wireless Mobile Internet