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■ The National Scholarship


◦  Undergraduate students receive full tuition funding for four years.
◦  Graduate students receive partial tuition funding for two years (MS) or four years (Ph.D).
◦  All students receive financial aid as a monthly living expenses



■ KAIST and External Scholarships

Visit KAIST – Academics – Scholarship


■ CS Departmental Scholarships

1. Odysseus Scholarship
· Established by: Professor Kyu-Young Whang
· Eligibility: Junior and senior undergraduate students with high GPA and financial needs
· Amount: 2,000,000 Won per Year

2. Chae-San Scholarship
· Established by: Professor Yung-Hwan Oh
· Eligibility: Sophomore and Junior undergraduate students with financial needs
· Amount: 500,000 Won per Year

3. Google Prize
· Established by: Google
· Eligibility: Junior undergraduate students with high GPA
· Amount: 1,700 dollars per Year

4. Scholarship Fund for Training Juniors
· Submitted by Sangwon Seo, the doctoral student of the School of Computing
· Support: students studying abroad for dual degree programs in 2015
      - From 2016, the School of Computing will administer its own development fund.
· Amount: 10 million KRW (9,000 USD)