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Certificate in AI

Demand for computer science education is rising at the center of the fourth industrial revolution, among which there is high demand from companies and research institutes for talent in the artificial intelligence sector.



School of Computing major
If at least four courses on the list below are completed, ‘Certificate in AI‘ is written in the transcript

  • - CS270 Intelligent robot design and programming

    - CS372 Natural Language Processing with Python

    - CS376 Machine Learning

    - CS423 Probabilistic Programming

    - CS454 Artificial Intelligence Based Software Engineering

    - CS470 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

    - CS471 Graph Machine Learning and Mining

    - CS474 Text Mining

    - CS475 Machine Learning for Natural Language Processing

    - CS479 Machine Learning for 3D Data

    - CS484 Introduction to Computer Vision


How to apply

Announcement via email for application at the end of each semester → Reply from those who are going to meet the requirement of the Certificate in AI by the semester → Review by SOC department and request to Academic Registrar’s Team