Visual Computing (Graphics/Vision) Curriculum Guide

The KAIST School of Computing offers a track in Visual Computing (VC) for students interested in deeper, concentrated studies on computer graphics and vision. Students who complete several of these courses will have opportunities to connect with faculty in computer graphics and vision, in addition to machine learning areas. These lectures will open up opportunities for independent research, URP, and undergraduate thesis research on this topic. In particular, computer graphics and vision are essential and foundational technologies for industry application of computer science.

Visual Computing (Graphics/Vision) Curriculum List
Code Course name
CS204 Discrete Mathematics
CS376 Machine Learning
CS380 Introduction to Computer Graphics
CS482 Interactive Computer Graphics
CS484 Introduction to Computer Vision
CS492 [Special Topics in CS] Deep Learning
Code Course name
CS504 Computational Geometry
CS576 Computer Vision
CS580 Computer Graphics
Graduate Code Course name
CS681 Computational Colorimetry
CS688 Web-Scale Image Retrieval