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KAIST-CQUT Dual Degree Bachelors Program


About the Program

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and Chongqing University of Technology (CQUT) wishing to enhance relations between the two institutions developed Dual Degree Programs in Electronic Information Engineering and Computer Science and Technology. The programs enable undergraduate-level candidates at CLKIP (Chongqing Liangjiang KAIST International Program) to earn degrees at KAIST and at CQUT. Both universities signed MoU (memorandum of understanding) for the dual degree on 10 July, 2017.


Degree Requirements

Course requirements

Dual degree students from CLKIP are required to acquire at least 136 KAIST credits for graduation. They can transfer up to 102 CQUT credits to KAIST credits to satisfy their degree requirements. The details of the course credit requirements follow.

General courses
• 28 credits (7 mandatory and 21 elective) and 9 AU
• It is not easy to match the general courses individually between the two universities because of different general course requirements originating from social and cultural differences in the two countries. Therefore, it is agreed that all the KAIST general courses credits are considered as completed for the students who take all CQUT courses (total 44 credits) listed in Table 1 and the 1AU KAIST course, HSS070 (Ethics and Safety II).

Basic courses
• 32 credits (23 mandatory and 9 elective)
• Mandatory basic courses: 22.5 credits of the CQUT basic mandatory courses are transferred to 16 credits for KAIST basic mandatory courses (Table 2).
• Elective basic courses: 9 credits of the CQUT basic elective courses are transferred to 9 credits for KAIST basic elective courses (Table 2).
• School of Computing additionally requires dual degree students to take LP208 (Introduction to Linear Algebra) or MAS109 (Introduction to Linear Algebra).

Major courses
• 43 credits (22 mandatory and 21 elective) including thesis credits (>= 3)
• Table 3 shows the mapping between the major courses of School of Computing at KAIST and the corresponding major courses of the Computer Science and Technology department of CLKIP. The CLKIP courses in Table 3 may be transferred to the corresponding KAIST courses.
• Other courses can be transferred course by course upon approval by the professors who will teach or taught the corresponding course.

Free electives
• HSS193 (Basic Korean II for Foreign Students) is a mandatory course for all foreign students.
• LG301 accounting (CQUT) can be mapped to MSB230 principles of accounting (KAIST).

Language-proficiency requirements
• Grade 2 or above TOPIK • TOFEL or equivalent score ≧ 83


How to Apply

Undergraduate students who have completed two years at the Computer Science and Technology department of CLKIP program may apply for this dual degree program if they satisfy the following requirements:
• Maintain superior academic standings at the end of the second year, whose average GPA of major courses is no less than 3.3/4.3 according to KAIST standard.
• Have taken at least 2 classes from KAIST professors at the Program.
• Obtain TOEFL IBT score above 80 or equivalent. Students satisfying the above conditions may submit application materials, including a recommendation letter of the KAIST professor. The admission committee of School of Electrical Engineering or School of Computing of KAIST will review the applications and offer admissions to qualified applicants. The detailed information on the required application materials and the application deadline will be provided by the Computer Science and Technology department of CLKIP program.