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  • Self-driving Robot, Delivering Items from Convenie..

    This is an article about address-based self-driving robot demonstration that Auto-ID Lab Korea, headed by Daeyoung Kim, professor

  • Won Grand Prize in the Cryptographic Analysis Cont..

    On October 13, 2022 (Thu), students of KAIST (President Lee Kwanghyung), Changwan Park (Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engi

  • KAIST Professor Meeyoung Cha and Sue Moon won the ..

    In the early days of YouTube, she analyzed the characteristics of user-generated content platforms and won the best thesis award a

  • Won 1st Place in the International Hacker Defense ..

    It is an article about the club from our department, GoN ranked first at the international hacking defense competition "Codeg

  • Daejeon Metropolitan Office of Education-KAIST sig..

    This is a press article about the business agreement with Daejeon Metopolitan Office of Education and KAIST SW Education Center, h

  • 'KAIST Auto-ID Lab Busan Innovation Research Insti..

    Source: Reporter Lim Dongsik of the Electronic Times https://n.news.naver.com/article/030/0003054093 This is an article about t

  • ˝See through with smartphones˝, KAIST invented an ..

    Reference : http://news.heraldcorp.com/view.php?ud=20220913000650 [Herald Economy = Reporter Koo Bon-hyuk] KAIST intro

  • Dr. Jaeseung Choi was appointed as an assistant pr..

    Dr. Choi Jae-seung, a graduate of KAIST's Graduate School of Information Security, was appointed as an assistant professor of

  • Jeon Gil-Nam ˝Korea is losing the global Internet ..

    Hankyung interview Jeon Gil-Nam, an honorary professor at KAIST, who was the ‘leading role of opening the Internet' 4

  • Professor Min H. Kim's research team at our School..

    Figure 1. SIGGRAPH 2022 Technical Paper Award Honorable Mention, Ph.D. candidate Inseung Hwang (the first author), and Professor

  • The Best Paper Award awarded at 2022 Summer Confer..

    Sungwon Han (Integrated Master's and Doctorate Program at KAIST School of Computing), Mingi Shin (Master's Program KAIST S

  • Medical AI company Lunit Inc. listed on KOSDAQ

    CTO Jungin Lee at the ceremony (the second from right) Lunit Inc., a medical AI company, in which Jungin Lee, a graduate of ou

  • KAIST signs an MOU with KS Korea Employment Inform..

    On July 7th, the research team led by Professor Uichin Lee of the KAIST School of Computing (Head: Sukyoung Ryu) signed a memorand

  • Krafton Jungle, a software development talents tra..

    [left to right] Coach Joowon Jung (SW Academy Jungle), CEO Bumkyu Lee (Team Sparta), Prof. Sukyoung Ryu (KAIST SoC, SW Academy Jun

  • KAIST develops an Indoor/Outdoor Integrated GPS Sy..

    KAIST announced on the 8th that a research team led by Professor Dong-soo Han (Intelligent Service Integration Lab) has developed

  • Ringle announced its ‘AI-Based Customized Learning..

    This article is about the AI ​​learning system jointly developed by Professor Juho Kim's research team in our school and Ringl

  • Jungkook Park, cofounder of Elice, was nominated f..

    Jungkook Park (Advisor: Professor Alice Oh), co-founder and CTO of a digital education platform Elice (CEO: Jaewon Kim) was nomina

  • The master's thesis of Hyeongyeol Ryu (Advisor: Su..

    The master's thesis of Hyeongyeol Ryu (advisor: Sung-Eui Yoon), a master's graduate of the School of Computing, was presen

  • Professor Daehyung Park was selected as the recipi..

    < Professor Daehyung Park > Professor Daehyung Park of our School was selected as the recipient of the 2022 Google Resear

  • Students of our school won in the 2021 NC Fellowsh..

    < (from left) Kyungwon Jung, Seungmin Hwang, NCSOFT official> On April 25, 2022, Seungmin Hwang and Kyungwon Jung of our

  • Professor Kihong Heo's research team from KAIST Sc..

    < Hyunsu Kim (left), Professor Kihong Heo (right) > In May 2022, a research team of KAIST SoC Professor Kihong Heo, his g

  • Professor Meeyoung Cha received the Minister's Com..

    Professor Meeyoung Cha of the KAIST School of Computing received the Minister's Commendation from the Ministry of Science and

  • Eunho Cho, a Ph.D. student at the School of Comput..

    Eunho Cho, a Ph.D. student (advisor: Prof. In-Young Ko) at the School of Computing, had a TV interview at the ITRC Forum 2022, whi

  • Designing a service robot that can interpret human..

    Reference article: https://zdnet.co.kr/view/?no=20220421180134 "Making a service robot that can interpret human emotions w

  • VPlusLab, founded by Professor Moonzoo Kim, offers..

    Professor Moonzoo Kim of KAIST School of Computing VPlusLab, founded by KAIST Professor Moonzoo Kim, who is well-known for

  • The project led by Professor Youngjin Kwon and Pro..

    Professor Youngjin Kwon (left), Professor Jeehoon Kang (right) A research team led by Professor Youngjin Kwon and Jeehoon Kang

  • Min-woo Song, an undergraduate student in KAIST Sc..

    Last December 18th, Min-woo Song, an undergraduate student at KAIST School of Computing, published Meta Sapiens, a popular liberal

  • KAIST SoC alumni Beom Jun Kim donated 100 million ..

    KAIST SoC alumni Beom Jun Kim (Class of '93 Bachelor, Class of '97 Master), CEO of Woowa Brothers, which mainly services B

  • Dr. Sungkyu Park appointed as an assistant profess..

    Dr. Sungkyu Park (Advisor: Professor Meeyoung Cha) Dr. Sungkyu Park, a graduate of our school, was appointed as an assistant pr

  • 10 female alumni and 2 male professors donated 115..

    (Clockwise from top left) KAIST SoC Professor Sukyoung Ryu, KT AI2XL Research Center Senior Vice President Soonmin Bae, KPMG Samjo

  • Dae-Young Park, a Master’s student of School of Co..

    Dae-Young Park, a Master’s student (advisor: Prof. In-Young Ko) of School of Computing at KAIST received the ‘Best Pap

  • 「MICCAI 2025」Holing Medical Image Computing and In..

    MICCAI 2025 General Co-Chairs: Professor Jinah Park, School of Computing, KAIST The 28th International Conference on Medical Im

  • SoC students Sungwon Han and Berhane Weldegebriel ..

  • Professor Juho Kim, Keynote Lecture at AAAI HCOMP ..

    At the AAAI HCOMP 2021 (The Ninth AAAI Conference on Human Computing and Crowdsourcing), Professor Juho Kim of the School of Compu

  • Donation of Elice, an alumni start-up company of S..

    Elice, an alumni start-up company of the School of Computing at KAIST, with CEO Jaewon Kim, CPO Suin Kim, and CTO Jung Guk Park fr

  • SoC students Eunji Lee and Sihyun Kim won the Pape..

    Eunji Lee, a Master student of Data Science Laboratory (Advisor: Prof. Meeyoung Cha) at our School won the paper award at JKAIA 20

  • Selected as the best paper of KCC 2018

    The papers presented at the Korea Computer Congress 2018 at the Jeju International Convention Center (ICC JEJU) from June 20 to 22

  • Prof. Kyu-Young Whang Recognized for his Distingui..

    Prof. Kyu-Young Whang has received the Distinguished Contributions Award at the Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and

  • Taiwoo Park Won ACM CHI 2014 Honorable Mention Awa..

    Taiwoo Park and his five co-authors including his advisor, Professor Junehwa Song, won this year’s ACM CHI Honorable Mention