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  • Taesik Gong of KAIST has been awarded Google PhD Fellowship.
  • Dr. Sangeun Oh appointed as an assistant professor at Ajou U
  • Professor Min H. Kim elected as Co-Chair for ACM SIGGRAPH As
  • Undergraduate Mina Huh received the URP Grand Prix
  • [AI Sapiens Era] ˝AI Feels˝ AEI can understand and respond t
  • Outstanding Faculty Awards and Special Awards in commemorati
  • Professor Juho Kim appointed as Paper Chair for ACM CSCW 202
  • KAIST CS Professors' lectures selected as ˝Best Practices of
  • Dr. JinYeong Bak appointed as an assistant professor at SKKU
  • Professor Daehyung Park was appointed as an assistant profes
  • Prof. Sukyoung Ryu is appointed as general chair of ACM SIGP
  • Dr. Sungeun Hong Lee was appointed as an assistant professor

Research Highlights

  • Technology that can Naturally Express Mathematical Operation
  • Analysis tool for detecting and preventing errors that occur
  • AI Algorithm for Predicting Sleep Quality
  • Reducing Battery Aging while Ensuring the Real-time Performa
  • An Automated Method for Detecting Security Vulnerabilities c
  • A Feedback Mechanism that Maximizes the Performance of Softw
  • Towards a system with co-evolution of software specification
  • Developing a real-time high-quality 3D content generation te


  • Apply for the 2020 Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship Program!

    About Program The Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship Program identifies the next generation of research leaders through a unique program that offers a combination of mentorship, research, networking, and academic opportunities to promising young candidates. Since its inception in 1999, the progra

  • SoC Server Work Guide

    Dear CS community, We write to inform you that our department cloud system will be under maintenance for more stable service. You may not able to access the service during the working period. Work contents - Expansion of 10G backup space in between cloud storages - Expansion of cloud GPU

  • Join the STUDY GROUP for TOPCIT exam preparation

    *** Join the STUDY GROUP for TOPCIT preparation *** What is TOPCIT(Test of Practical Competency in ICT)? TOPCIT is a performance-evaluation-centered test designed to diagnose and assess the competency of ICT specialists and software developers that is critically needed to perform jobs o

  • CSMAIL service will be closed

    The CSMAIL service, which has been provided by Computer Science Dept., will be closed on May 2, 2019 CS Mail users should refer to the following for mail backup and forwarding e-mail address application. 1. Service suspension date: May 2, 2019, 10 am 2. Stopping range A. Sending with CS mail

  • 2018 Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship Program (Deadline:6/29/2018)

    Microsoft Research Asia cordially invites top junior PhD students to apply for the 2018 Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship Program. The MSRA Fellowship Program aims to build the next generation of research leaders with a unique program offering a combination of scholarship, mentorship, research,

  • KAIST School of Computing Graduate Admission Information Session

    KAIST School of Computing Graduate Admission Information Session ■ Daejeon - When: Friday, March 23rd 2018, 4:00 PM - Where: KAIST N1 Bldg., Room 201 ■ Seoul - When: Friday, March 30th 2018, 6:00 PM - Where: KAIST Dogok Campus Room 103

  • Guidance on Issuance of Certificate of Completion for Undergraduate Students Who

    A. Applicability Students who entered the university after 1998 and have satisfied credit requirement for graduation (those who have satisfied the requirements for undergraduate course work including 9AU in physical education and voluntary service, etc.), but failed to meet the Englis

  • Academic Reinstatement for the 2017 Fall Semester

    Students expected to return to school 2017 Fall Semester must apply reinstatement during the designated period (Monday, July 31, 2017 - Friday, August 4, 2017) with approval of your academic advisor and the head of your department/program on the Academic System. (According to the Academic Rules and

Seminars & Events

  • [KAIST SoC Colloquium] 10/26 4pm, Prof. Eunjin Oh, ˝Three Decades of Research on

    Prof. Eunjin Oh (POSTECH)

    Mon, Oct 26, 2020


  • ERC AI Seminar #10 안내(10/26(월) 4:00 pm, Prof. Steven Euijong Whang (School of El

    Steven Euijong Whang

    Mon, Oct 26, 2020


  • [KAIST SoC Colloquium] 9/28 4pm, Prof. Kijung Shin, ˝Mining of Massive Graphs an

    Prof. Kijung Shin

    Mon, Sep 28, 2020


  • [KAIST SoC Colloquium] 9/21 4pm, Prof. Jeehoon Kang, ˝When is it safe to free me

    Prof. Jeehoon Kang (KAIST)

    Mon, Sep 21, 2020


  • [KAIST SoC Colloquium] 9/14 4pm, Prof. Jaegul Choo, ˝User-Driven Generative Mode

    Prof. Jaegul Choo (KAIST)

    Mon, Sep 14, 2020


  • The First Wednesday Multidisciplinary Forum

    Wed, Sep 9, 2020


  • [KAIST SoC Colloquium] 9/7 4pm, Prof. Kihong Heo, ˝Next-generation program analy

    Prof. Kihong Heo (KAIST, School of Computing)

    Mon, Sep 7, 2020


  • [PhD defense] 장민석 9/9 10:00 원격화상회의

    Wed, Sep 9, 2020