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  • Prof. Sung Yong Shin received Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Yeonsu Kim, an undergraduate student of the KAIST School of
  • Sungjoon Park, a Ph.D. student of the KAIST School of Comput
  • Promotional Video of School of Computing
  • Editorial board member of ACM Transactions on Software Engin
  • Prof. Yoon organized a workshop on sound source localization
  • Hold 19th International Conference on Web Engineering (ICWE
  • ICSE 2019 ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award
  • 1st place in Cardiac Segmentation and Best Award in Performa
  • [KAIST] 2019 School of Computing (Computer Engineering) Grad
  • Prof. Jeehoon Kang is appointed to our school
  • 2019 Science and Culture Exhibition Service Capacity-buildin

Research Highlights

  • Compact Hyperspectral Imaging with Diffracted Rotation
  • UbiTap
  • RecipeScape An Interactive Tool for Analyzing Cooking Instru
  • Advancement of preventive and predictive medicine in Healthc
  • Replicate Physical Objects for AR/VR using a Smartphone
  • Testing Deep Learning Systems
  • Detecting Fake News Online
  • Zaturi: We Put Together the 25th hour for You. Create a Book


  • Join the STUDY GROUP for TOPCIT exam preparation

    *** Join the STUDY GROUP for TOPCIT preparation *** What is TOPCIT(Test of Practical Competency in ICT)? TOPCIT is a performance-evaluation-centered test designed to diagnose and assess the competency of ICT specialists and software developers that is critically needed to perform jobs o

  • CSMAIL service will be closed

    The CSMAIL service, which has been provided by Computer Science Dept., will be closed on May 2, 2019 CS Mail users should refer to the following for mail backup and forwarding e-mail address application. 1. Service suspension date: May 2, 2019, 10 am 2. Stopping range A. Sending with CS mail

  • 2018 Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship Program (Deadline:6/29/2018)

    Microsoft Research Asia cordially invites top junior PhD students to apply for the 2018 Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship Program. The MSRA Fellowship Program aims to build the next generation of research leaders with a unique program offering a combination of scholarship, mentorship, research,

  • KAIST School of Computing Graduate Admission Information Session

    KAIST School of Computing Graduate Admission Information Session ■ Daejeon - When: Friday, March 23rd 2018, 4:00 PM - Where: KAIST N1 Bldg., Room 201 ■ Seoul - When: Friday, March 30th 2018, 6:00 PM - Where: KAIST Dogok Campus Room 103

  • Guidance on Issuance of Certificate of Completion for Undergraduate Students Who

    A. Applicability Students who entered the university after 1998 and have satisfied credit requirement for graduation (those who have satisfied the requirements for undergraduate course work including 9AU in physical education and voluntary service, etc.), but failed to meet the Englis

  • Academic Reinstatement for the 2017 Fall Semester

    Students expected to return to school 2017 Fall Semester must apply reinstatement during the designated period (Monday, July 31, 2017 - Friday, August 4, 2017) with approval of your academic advisor and the head of your department/program on the Academic System. (According to the Academic Rules and

  • Spring 2017 Ph.D. Qualifying Exam

    All Ph.D. students must pass their qualifying exams within a year and a half after entering the program. To pass the exams they must receive scores over 60 out of 100 on each written exam or get a grade of A- or higher on each course in the three areas: Theory, Software, Computer Systems. Student

  • Readmission Guideline for Fall 2017

    [Refer to the instructions below on application for readmission in Fall 2017 for dropouts and expelled students.] □ Eligibility : Dropouts and expelled students of Undergraduate or Graduate programs □ Deadlines ○ Submission by students : submit to the department/division office by Friday, June

Seminars & Events

  • ERC AI Seminar #4 안내(10/21(월) 4:00pm, Prof. Hongseok Yang, Towards Verified Stoc

    Prof. Hongseok Yang (School of Computing, KAIST)

    Mon, Oct 21, 2019

    E3-1 School of Computing , Oh-Sang-Su Lecture Room #4443(4F)

  • [Seminar] (10/14 Mon 2:30PM) ˝Learning Neural Character Controllers from Motion

    Prof Taku Komura (U of Edinburgh)

    Mon, Oct 14, 2019

    Oh-Sang-Su Lecture Room, E3-1 (School of Computing) 4th Floor

  • [KAIST SoC Colloquium] 9/9 4pm, Dr. Miryung Kim, Software Engineering elevating

    Dr. Miryung Kim (UCLA)

    Wed, Sep 4, 2019

  • [Fall Colloquium Seminar@KAIST SoC] 4pm, 9/2 (Mon) - Prof. Giuseppe Castagna, Pa

    Prof. Giuseppe Castagna, Paris Diderot University

    Mon, Sep 2, 2019

    1501, E3-1(School of Computing Building), KAIST

  • Seminar Announcement: Prof. Changwoo Min @ VTech

    Changwoo Min (ECE Dept., Virginia Tech)

    Tue, Jul 23, 2019

    N26-#101 (Auditorium)

  • [HCI@KAIST Seminar] 12-1pm July 12th (Fri)

    Donghee Yvette Wohn (New Jersey Institute of Techn

    Fri, Jul 12, 2019

    Room 201, Building N1

  • [Seminar]July 8th(Mon) 4:00 PM∼ 5:30 PM,˝Towards Designing Application-driven Mo

    JeongGil Ko (Ajou University)

    Mon, Jul 8, 2019

    E3-1, #4443 OSS(오상수 강의실).

  • [Seminar] July 4th 1:00 PM- 2:30 PM ˝Improving Debugging Activities by Mining So

    Prof. Jaechang Nam @ Handong Global Univ.

    Thu, Jul 4, 2019

    E3-1 안영경 seminar room (#4420)