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Student clubs and other student activities

The KAIST School of Computing supports various clubs and social activities for our students. The clubs are empowered by students who share interest in specific CS topics such as algorithms, security, and games. The departmental activities enhance the academic experience of our students by providing opportunities for interaction with peers and faculty members outside of the classroom.

Club Topic Homepage
GoN Hacking & Security http://gon.kaist.ac.kr/
SPARCS IT Service Developing & Open Source http://sparcs.org/
RUN Algorithm Research & Programming Contest https://kaist.run/
HAJE Game Software Developing https://haje.org/
Include Mobile Application Developing http://include.kaist.ac.kr
DijkStrike Screen Baseball Club <a class="a_education" https:="" www.facebook.com="" groups="" dijkstrike="" "="" target="_blank">https://www.facebook.com/groups/dijkstrike/