Networking and Mobile Systems Laboratory

Faculty Name
Sung-Ju Lee
Research Area
Foundations, Design, Social Computing, Interactive Computing, Secure Computing
#721, N1

Networking and Mobile Systems Laboratory (NMSL) performs research on every networking aspect that provides reliable, secure, seamless and high capacity connectivity to mobile users. We cover end-user computing, infrastructure networks, and edge networking. To improve the quality of life of mobile network users, we (i) identify challenging real-world problems, (ii) design novel network architecture, protocols, systems and applications, and (iii) build our solutions in working systems for practical validation.

Our current interests include mobile computing, wireless networking (802.11ac/ax, visible light communication, inaudible sound communication), smart sensing systems, IoT, mobile security, mobile HCI, cloud networking, and wireless big data analytics. We are also interested in interdisciplinary, high impact research, and seek collaboration with other academic research groups, industry, and government worldwide.