Software Architecture Lab

Faculty Name
Sungwon Kang
Research Area
Foundations, Design
#1429, E3-­1

Software Architecture Lab
SA Lab aims to conduct practical and rigorous research on fundamental issues and challenges related to software architecture, software product line and software testing.

Software architecture
Software architecture is considered to be the center on which the whole software development should be carried out for efficient development of high quality software.  To that end,  there should be many accompanying methods and techniques that enable utilization of software architecture. Research topics include architecture description languages, analysis and reasoning techniques at the software architecture level, automation and verification methods for architecture-based software development, architecture recovery, etc.

Software product line
Research topics include foundations of software product line engineering, software product line architecture, next generation feature modeling, software product line process and tools, etc.

Software testing
Research topics include architecture-based software testing and product line testing, etc.