Intelligent Systems & Neurobotics Lab

Faculty Name
Sungho Jo
Research Area
Design, Visual Computing, Intelligent·Information Service, Interactive Computing
#2433, E3-1

Intelligent Systems and Neurobotics(ISNL) group was established in the spring of 2008. This group is dedicated to create and design intelligent systems or algorithms, which will promote a quality of human life(quality-of-life engineering.

We pursue innovative technologies by converging CS-oriented thinking or methods with other disciplines. Interdisciplinary fusion of areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, mechatronics, neuroscience, biomechanics etc is explored. This group is interested especially in bio-inspired approaches. Inspirations from animals or humans(from various viewpoints such as intelligence, execution, cognition, learning, optimized mechanism etc can provide critical insights into the development of new technologies in the perspective of both software and hardware engineering.

Interactive Computing
We investigate advanced interactive devices and seek integration of them into human life. We studied BCI(Brain-Computer Interface)technology and hybrid interface combining various bio-signal interfaces(eye-tracker, myoelectric interface etc. We then adapt the technology to wearable devices.

Robotic Computing
We design or develop various intelligent systems or algorithms to realize real-world human-robot interaction. Our research contains behavior learning and environment recognition for an autonomous system, and we developed various bio-inspired robots to adapt real-world environment.

Animal Computing
We apply IT technologies for animal research.