Human Computer Interaction Lab

Faculty Name
Geehyuk Lee
Research Area
Interactive Computing
#708, N1

We are interested in inventing novel interaction devices and techniques for smart information appliances, wearable computers, and smart environments. Some of the recent inventions include TaTap & TaTaTap, TapBoard, IrPen, and Trampoline, that we introduce below. 

Consecutive Distant Taps
Tapping on the same point twice is a common operation known as double tap, but tapping on distant points in sequence is underutilized. We designed the two interaction techniques Ta-tap and Ta-Ta-tap that utilize consecutive distant taps. Ta-tap uses two consecutive distant taps to invoke alternative touch operations for multi-touch emulation, whereas Ta-Ta-tap
uses a series of consecutive distant taps to define a spatial gesture.
• Seongkook Heo, Jiseong Gu, and Geehyuk Lee. Expanding Touch Input Vocabulary by Using Consecutive Distant Taps. CHI 2014
• Seongkook Heo and Geehyuk Lee. Ta-Tap: Consecutive Distant Tap Operations for One-handed Touch Screen Use. UIST 2013

A physical keyboard key has three states, whereas a touch screen usually has only two. Due to this difference, the state corresponding to the touched state of a physical key is missing in a touch screen keyboard. This touched state is an important factor in the usability of a keyboard. In order to recover the role of a touched state in a touch screen, we propose the TapBoard, a touch screen software keyboard that regards tapping actions as keystrokes and other touches as the touched state.
• Sunjun Kim, Jeongmin Son, Geehyuk Lee, Hwan Kim, and Woohun Lee. TapBoard: making a touch screen keyboard more touchable. CHI 2013

Current 6DOF pen systems have a limited tracking range and therefore don’t fully support various types of physical interaction techniques. we extended the IrCube to create the IrPen system, which could be easily embedded in a tablet and pen. We defined additional requirements for a 6-DOF pen system specifically for tablets.
• Jaehyun Ham, Hyong-Euk Lee, and Geehyuk Lee. The IrPen: A 6-DOF Pen for Interaction with Tablet Computers. IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 34(3), (2014)

Relief is often used to add patterns to product surfaces, but interaction techniques for modeling relief on the surface of virtual objects have not received due attention. We adopt the repoussé and chasing artwork techniques in an alternative interaction technique for modeling relief on virtual surfaces. To support the interaction technique, we develop a double-sided touchpad called Trampoline that can detect the position and force of a finger touch on both sides. In addition, it provides an elastic feedback to users as the surface consists of an elastic fabric.
• Jaehyun Han, Jiseong Gu, and Geehyuk Lee. Trampoline: A Double-sided Elastic Touch Device to Create Reliefs. UIST 2014