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Cyber-Physical Systems Lab

Faculty Name
Insik Shin
Research Area
Software Design, Systems-Networks
#4425, E3­-1

Introduction to CPS Lab

Computer technology has been rapidly and widely permeating into our daily life, from smartphones, mobile services, healthcare, to smart transportation and smart grids. This trend has led to a new emerging research discipline, called Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), that seeks scientific foundations and technologies to integrate the cyber-world of computing and communications with the physical world to increase our ability to interact -- automatically and in real time -- with the world around us, while humans will be an important part of the overall systems. 

Towards such a new way of human-cyber-physical interaction, we strive to conduct fundamental research on the advancement of new theories and principles, as well as the development of design- and run-time supports, to handle challenges of real-time systems, mobile computing, and human-computer interaction.

Mobile Maestro

CPS Lab proposed AMAC, a new Adaptive Mobile Audio Coordination system that provides an abstraction of ideal sound environments to a new emerging class of Mobile Multi-speaker Audio (MMA) applications (presented at UbiComp 2014).


We presented GreenBag, an energy-efficient bandwidth aggregation middleware that supports real-time data-streaming services over asymmetric wireless links, requiring no modifications to the existing Internet infrastructure and servers (presented at RTSS 2013). 

Real-time Multi-core Scheduling

We presented a new job-level priority assignment (JPA) technique (called SPDF) that can dominate any task-level priority assignment (TPA) techniques on multi-core platforms, significantly advancing the state-of-the-art in JPA (presented at RTSS 2012).