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Intelligent Database Systems Lab

Faculty Name
Soon Joo Hyun
Research Area
AI-Information Service
#822, N1 822

Intelligent Database Systems Lab.(iDBLab) is working on Context-aware Ubiquitous Computing as a new-paradigm computing which is centered around the context data management techniques for context-aware application services. Context modeling, acquisition, processing, and optimization for the anytime-anywhere mobile users are among the research domains. Some topics of our recent research and development are as follows:

1) Context-aware Computing in Internet of Things (IoT) Environment
Context management system provides common interfaces for developing the context-aware applications. It collects low-level contextual information such as various sensor data, especially IoTs, network conditions, system parameters, data from other application, etc. It infers high-level contextual information such as, activities, social relationships, etc. Context-aware applications will have the advantage of various ubiquitous computing services.

2) Mobile Rule Engine for Context-awareness
Smartphones as palm-top computing devices became able to harness context-awareness. We develop MiRE4OWL Rule engine with a light-weight design to run on the resource-limited mobile devices for accommodating various ubiquitous computing services. The rule-based inference engine performs mobile semantic reasoning operations for the application semantics represented in the description logic OWL-DL.

3) Social-aware Computing
With enhanced context-aware capabilities smartphones can collect context information about social relationships such as intimacy, shared interest and historical patterns of proximity in addition to the typical user context such as personal profile and user location. The collected social contextual information plays a key role in discovering serendipitous interaction opportunities among peer users who shared the social aspects.