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Visual Computing Laboratory

Faculty Name
Min H. Kim
Research Area
Visual Computing, AI-Information Service, Interactive Computing
#2403, E3-1

KAIST Visual Computing Laboratory (VCLAB) is established by Min H. Kim, an associate professor of computer science at the KAIST School of Computing. The main research focuses at KAIST VCLAB are computer graphics and computer vision. In particular, research projects in the VCLAB focus on overcoming challenges and achieving breakthroughs in high-end computer graphics and vision technologies. In particular, professor Kim is a renowned scientist with excellence in computational imaging nowadays.

The research interests of VCLAB include hyperspectral imaging, advanced 3D imaging, 3D/4D face scanning of deformable objects, wave optics-based computer graphics, color and computational vision, etc. Not to mention technical breakthroughs in software algorithms, VCLAB has built various imaging optical hardware system, including large-scale 3D scanning systems. Also, various machine learning applications of VCLAB on computer graphics and vision have been introduced in prestigious international journals and conferences.

Professor Kim has published ten manuscripts in the top computer graphics journal, ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG), which have been presented in ACM SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia. In addition, Ph.D. students at VCLAB have received various fellowship and internship opportunities in prestigious IT companies in the world and also have received various international collaboration opportunities with world-class universities.