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Computer Graphics & Visualization Lab

Faculty Name
Jinah Park
Research Area
Visual Computing, Interactive Computing
#2404, E3-1

Introduction to the Computer Graphics and Visualization Lab
Computer Graphics and Visualization (CGV) Lab at KAIST focuses on medical imaging and interactive VR environment. The objective of our research is to improve robustness in medical analysis based on various techniques in computer graphics. Moreover, to provide efficient and effective interaction to convey information, we develop proper environments with multi-modal feedback. The research interests of CGV Lab include medical image analysis, deformable models, medical simulation, haptic simulation and 3D user interface.

Patient-specific Organ Modeling
We introduced computational modeling method from medical images to robustly and precisely restore the individualized shape of human organs(presented at Journal of Computing Science and Engineering 2012. We are currently constructing brain structures for aging study through international collaboration(with Centre of Clinical Brain Sciences, Univ. of Edinburgh)as well as foot models for pose study(with Seoul National University Hospital team.

Medical Simulation with Haptic Feedback
We developed a realistic surgical simulation environment by generating accurate haptic feedback. Dental work simulation was acknowledged with the Best Demo Award at Eurohaptics 2012.

3D User Interaction
We introduced an intuitive interaction method with spatial input to manipulate the object in virtual environment (presented at IEEE CG&A 2014)