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Computer Architecture Lab

Faculty Name
Seungryoul Maeng / Jaehyuk Huh
Research Area
Secure Computing, Systems-Networks, Social Computing, Systems-Networks
#4403,4406, #4403(S. Maeng), #4406(J. Huh), E3-1

Computer Architecture Laboratory was established in 1974 when the KAIST CS department was founded. Along the long history, the lab has been exploring a wide area of research topics in computer architecture and system software. The current research areas have been focused on the processor design for cloud and mobile computing,  trusted computing for system security, and the system design for user-centric mobile systems.

Computer Architecture and Memory System
With continuing changes of technology and application requirements, computer architecture has been evolving to next generation multi-cores, along with the advent of new memoty technogies. Our research focuses on the interaction of the processor architecture with the system software for virtualization, mobile systems, and security.

System Support for User-Centric Mobile Computing
As future mobile systems shift to the user-centric paradigm of continous context awareness, we study how the processor design and system softrware can improve the support for such new types of computing requirements for mobile systems.

Virtualization and Trusted Computing
The lab has been improving the hardware and software support for system virtualization. Furthermore, with the proliferation of cloud and mobile computing, the importance of trustworthiness of systems has been growing. Our reserch efforts improve the security of cloud and mobile systems by supporting the trust-aware system design both for processors and system software.