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Geometric Computing Lab

Faculty Name
Sunghee Choi
Research Area
Computing Theory, Visual Computing, Social Computing
#3404, E3­-1

Introduction to Geometric Computing Lab
Research interests of Geometric Computing Lab. are in computational geometry which studies algorithms to solve geometric problems, geometric modeling, computer graphics, and visualization. We aim to develop practical algorithms to solve geometric problems that arise in various applications. Research topics include surface reconstruction, medial axis construction, geometric problems for sensor and robot networks, and cloth simulation.

Surface Reconstruction and Medial Axis
Given a set of samples from the surface of an object, the surface reconstruction is to compute a surface approximating the original surface. The medial axis of an object is the set of points having more than one closest point on the object boundary. We proposed practical algorithms to solve these problems. 

Cloth Simulation
Cloth simulation is an important topic in computer graphics that aims to achieve realistic simulations of various fabrics. We proposed a multi-resolution method to efficiently perform large-scale simulation.

Wireless Sensor Network
A wireless sensor network(WSN)consists of spatially distributed sensors to monitor temperature, sound, vibration or motion and to cooperatively pass their data through the network. We consider various geometric problems such as coverage, deployment, and localization.

Geometric Algorithms for 3D Printing
3D printers are becoming more available. We consider printing-based 3D model optimization including model partitioning and balancing.  We are also interested in fast 3D object retrieval for 3D contents service platform.