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Chosen for NAVER Phd Fellowship


Last November, ten Ph.D. students from our computer science department were chosen for NAVER PhD Fellowship.

The selected person is

- Gong Tae-sik (Professor: Lee Sung-joo)

- Kwon Hyun (Professor Yoon Hyun-soo)

- Kim Hyung-kyu (Professor Kim Soon-tae)

- Nam Jae-hyun (Professor: Shin Seung-won)

- Park Joon-young (Professor Ryu Seok-young)

- Park Jin-seok (Professor Lee Heung-kyu)

- Jang Young-soo (Professor: Kim Ki-ung)

- Jeon Seok-joon (Professor: Kim Min-hyuk)

- Jeong Dae-ryong (Professor: Shin In-shik)

- Ha Jae-hee (Professor Kim Myung-chul)

NAVER PhD Fellowship program is a program that selects Ph.D. student who submitted the first paper to the top-tier conference/journal of each computing field and pays scholarships. Naver selected eight students for NAVER Phd Fellowship in 2015, six first and eight second in 2016, 11 in 2017, and 10 in 2018, and paid a total of 235 million won to the selected students.