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Prof. Jong Cheol Park's lab has been selected as SW Star Lab.


The Korean Ministry of Science and ICT and IITP selected Prof. Jong Cheol Park's laboratory as a SW Star Lab of intelligent software on April 20, 2018. The selected "SW Star Lab" is among a total of five laboratories in four universities: Seoul National University, POSTECH, Chung Ang University, and KAIST. There are two laboratories in the field of intelligent SW, and one for each area of distributed computing, algorithms, and UI/UX. The selected lab will receive project funding of up to 300 million won per year for up to eight years and is encouraged to develop a world-class research agenda through open software. Prof. Jong Cheol Park's lab will work on a research program on the development of software for automatically predicting the reliability distribution of given documents/dialogues, consisting of five modules: data collection, automatic collection of evidence, document/conversation reliability enhancement, document/conversation reliability distribution prediction, and linguistic analysis.