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Prof. Moonzoo Kim and his team received Distinguished Paper Award at ICST 2018.


The paper, 'Invasive Software Testing: Mutating a Target Program to Diversify Test Exploration for High Test Coverage,' published by Prof. Moonzoo Kim of the KAIST School of Computing won the Distinguished Paper Award at IEEE ICST 2018 (International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation, acceptance rate:25%).

They suggest Invasive Software Testing, which is a new technology that goes beyond the existing SW testing paradigm. Invasive Software Testing extracts a variety of information from a number of variants of the target SW program and effectively detects errors in the field that the conventional SW testing cannot analyze. In the paper, they demonstrate experimentally that the SW analysis outcome is significantly improved compared to the latest testing technology through the DeMiner (guiDEed test generation using MutatIoN ExploRation) framework, which implements the Invasive Software Testing paradigm.