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Naver Fellowship appointment and award


On July 25, 2016, the following students of the School of Computing have been appointed to Naver Ph.D. Fellow and received the Fellowship Award: Duc Hoang Bui (Ph.D. candidate, advisor: Insik Shin), Soo In Kim (Ph.D. candidate, advisor: Alice Oh), Duksan Ryu (Ph.D. candidate, advisor: Jongmoon Baik), Gun Woo Park (Ph.D. candidate, advisor: Mi-young Cha), Changhee Park (Ph.D. candidate, advisor: Sukyoung Ryu), Sunjoon Kim (Ph.D. candidate, advisor: Geehyuk Lee).

This award is sponsored by Naver Corp. to recognize the students who published the best papers to top-tier international conferences and journals on computer science field.

Congratulations on receiving the award.

** Pictures
Duc Hoang Bui, Soo In Kim
Duksan Ryu, Gun Woo Park
Changhee Park, Sunjoon Kim