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  • Building completion ceremony for main entrance and..

    On January 11, there was a building completion ceremony of the School of Computing main entrance and breakroom in E3-1, at 3 PM. T

  • ePapyrus donated software worth 21 million KRW.

    On December 20th, Jung Hee Kim, the Chief Executive Officer of ePapyrus Inc, has donated a software application which values about

  • NXC Corp. CEO, Jung-ju Kim received an alumni awar..

    On November 24th, NXC Corp. Chief Executive Jung-ju Kim received an alumni award from the School of Computing in the room #1501, E

  • New faculty announcement: Professor Sang Kil Cha

    We are delighted to announce that Professor Sang Kil Cha has been appointed to the School of Computing at KAIST on November 16, 20

  • Signboard Hanging Board of Cho Jung-Wan CAIR Room

    On November 6th, there was a signboard hanging ceremony for celebration of the ‘Cho Jung-Wan CAIR Room,’ to commemo

  • Professor Key-Sun Choi received the Order of Servi..

    At the opening ceremony of commemorating the 569th anniversary of the proclamation of Hangeul that was held at the Sejong Center l

  • Professor Junehwa Song has been appointed as a Gen..

    Professor JunHwa Song of School of Computing at KAIST has been appointed as a General Chair of the ACM Conference on Embedded Netw

  • KAIST – Oberthur Technologies(OT) has signed an MO..

    To commemorate this upcoming year’s 130th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Korea and France, the French Government dec

  • Test-Of-Time 2006 Award

    Our early work on ray tracing received "Test-Of-Time 2006 Award" at High-Performance Graphics, 2015: RT-DEFORM: Inte

  • Spotlight Presenter Selection on MLSS 2015

    [Woosang Lim (Ph.D. candidate of KAIST School of Computing) is in the middle.] From August 23rd to September 6th, Woosang Lim (

  • Soya Park, an Undergraduate Student of KAIST Schoo..

    Soya Park, an Undergraduate Student of KAIST School of Computing, Has Won the First Prize on Undergraduate Research Participation

  • Google’s 2015 Global PhD Fellows Award

    Shinae Woo (advisor Sue Bok Moon), the Ph.D. candidate of KAIST School of Computing, has been elected as the Google’s 2015 G

  • New Faculty Announcement: Professor Shin Yoo and M..

    We are pleased to announce our new faculty members as follows: Professor Shin Yoo (August 1st, 2015), and Professor Martin Zi

  • Endoscopic Navigator

    Professor Dong Soo Han’s laboratory in KAIST School of Computing developed an on-campus indoor/outdoor navigation system cal

  • 2015 Fall Hiking and Barbecue Party on the School ..

    There will be a fall hiking for everyone (faculty, student, and staff) in the School of Computing as follows: 1. When: 11:30-19

  • The Chongqing-Liangjiang KAIST International Progr..

    On August 18th, there was a closing ceremony of "The Chongqing-Liangjiang KAIST International Program," for the successf

  • 2015 LG CNS Hackathon Award Winner

    Three undergraduate students of KAIST School of Computing (Sera Lee, Yong-sun Lee, and Hyeon-Gi Jeon; entered college in '11)

  • New Bike Shelters Installed in front of the School..

    Before After 우리 전산학부(E3-1) 앞에있는 자전거거치대와 오토바이 보관소 개선공사를 아래와 같이 완료 했습니다. New

  • IEEE / ACM International Conference on Automated S..

    A paper published from Software Testing and Verification Group (SWTV; Professor Moonzoo Kim’s Laboratory) has been accepted

  • Professor Sukyoung Ryu’s Laboratory Received the B..

    Professor Sukyoung Ryu’s Laboratory in our School of Computing received the Best Artifact Award from ECOOP (European Confere

  • Professor Sung-Ju Lee Received the Best Paper Awar..

    The Professor of the School of Computing, Sung-Ju Lee, has received the Best Paper Award from the 35th IEEE International Conferen

  • M.S. Candidates, Jun Hee Woo, Jin Man Choi, Ick Ch..

    Team Scamper (Jun Hee Woo, Jin Man Choi, Ikc Chan Cho, Hun Gwan Ha), the M.S. candidates of Software Graduate Program in KAIST Sch

  • Professor Sung-Ju Lee has been appointed as a Tech..

    Sung-Ju Lee, the professor of KAIST School of Computing, has been appointed as a Technical Program Chair of the IEEE International

  • Identifying Digital Image Forgery Becomes Easy

    The following news reports are about the national first image forensic tool developed in Professor Heung-Kyu Lee’s Laborator

  • Computer Science Returns… The Average Entrance Sco..

    A rapidly increasing number of people prefer Computer Science and Engineering to medical school. More than a half of the studen

  • Best Student Paper Award won by Advanced Networkin..

    Professor Sue Bok Moon’s laboratory in the School of Computing has won the “Best Student Paper Award.” Congra

  • “Dementia Relief by Simply Pressing a Button after..

    This is the news article about Dr. Sung Hoon Kim (Advisor: Professor Dae Young Kim), the CIO of Ybrain Inc., invented the world&rs

  • The proposal, ˝(SW Star Lab) Nearest Query Softwar..

    The proposal from Scalable Graphics/Geometric Algorithm Lab. (Professor Sungeui Yoon), with the name of, “(SW Star Lab) Near

  • An Announcement for the Winner of the Venture Rese..

    Woosang Lim, a third-year Ph.D. student of KAIST School of Computing, won first place (the grand prize) on the Venture Research Pr

  • The Academic Exchange Agreement with the Innopolis..

    Dear students of School of Computing in KAIST; Please be advised that the School of Computing of KAIST has recently made t

  • Agreement of Computer Science and Engineering Huma..

    On last Friday (April 17th) at 2:00 pm, KAIST (Steve Kang, Chancellor) and Naver Corp. (Sang Hun Kim, CEO) made an agreement for a

  • A Farewell Interview with Ms. Eun-Young Park

    Ms. Eun-Young Park, who had been working for the School of Computing for 21 years, has transferred to another department. She alwa

  • Announcement of New Professor, Sung-Ju Lee

    Professor Sung-Ju Lee has joined our School of Computing on April 1st, 2015. Professor Lee obtained the Ph.D. majoring in netwo

  • Qualcomm Innovation Award 2015

    Here are the teams have won the Qualcomm Innovation Award 2015 in the School of Computing. Congratulations for winning the award:

  • A KAIST Student Invented a Low-Cost 3D Printer: “T..

    A KAIST Student Invented a Low-Cost 3D Printer: “Terrific!” “I found out that there were so many inconvenient

  • Top 10 Representative Research and Staff of the Ye..

    On February 17th, the Computer Science department have chosen top 10 representative research and staff of the year for the 44th sc

  • ACM Interactions: Day in the Lab: “KAIST’s Human-C..

    Interactions, a bi-monthly magazine published by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), the largest educational and scient

  • Start-ups Made by Eccentric KAIST Students and Pro..

    The stories of successful entrepreneurs who are KAIST graduates are presented in a news article. It features several graduates of

  • KAIST Hosts an Educational Camp Entitled, “Softwar..

    KAIST’s Department of Computer Science organized a software (SW) training camp from January 25-29, 2015 in the Creative Lear

  • Younghun Han Places 2nd at Stanford University E14..

    Younghun Han, a Ph.D. student at KAIST Software Architecture Laboratory, attended the Stanford E145 - Technology Entrepreneurship