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  • CAN ’17 at ACM CoNEXT 2017, Best Paper Award

    On December 12th, KAIST undergraduate student Jaemin Shin and Dukgi Hong (Advisor Prof. Sue Moon) has earned the ‘Best Paper

  • Prof. Meeyoung Cha’s Team awarded 1st place in the..

    Research team “Is this real story” lead by Prof. Meeyoung Cha was awarded the President of Artificial Intelligence Ind

  • Insik Shin, Jaehyuk Huh and Min H. Kim won MSRA Co..

    Professors, Insik Shin, Jaehyuk Huh and Min H. Kim, won MSRA Collaborative Research 2018 Grant Awards Microsoft Research As

  • Seung-Hwan Baek and Chang Hyun Park won MSRA PhD F..

    Seung-Hwan Baek and Chang Hyun Park won MSRA PhD Fellowship 2017 [link]. Congratulations to Seung-Hwan Baek (advisor: Prof.

  • PhD candidate Sangeun Oh awarded 2017 Google PhD F..

    On September 12th, KAIST PhD candidate Sangeun Oh was awarded the 2017 Google PhD Fellowship in Mobile Computing area, in recognit

  • Best Paper in Robotic Planning at the Internationa..

    KAIST School of Computing Ph.D. graduate Junghwan Lee, and M.S. student Heechan Shin (advisor: Prof. Sungeui Yoon) won the Best P

  • KAIST SoC Prof. Meeyoung Cha Invited as Keynote Pr..

    KAIST School of Computing Professor Meeyoung Cha presented the keynote for the IEEE/ACM International Conference on ASONAM (Advan

  • SoC Students Win ACM GECCO Humies Silver Award

    A KAIST School of Computing research team led by Professor Shin Yoo won the 2017 Human Competitiveness Award (Humies) Silver Award

  • Silver in 7th TOPCIT Periodic Evaluation

    Our very own School of Computing undergraduate student Seung Geun Baek (Advisor: Prof. Moonzoo Kim) won silver in the 7th TOPCIT P

  • SoC Students Win KCC 2017 SW Development Contest’s..

    Our very own KAIST School of Computing Ph.D. course students Youngsun Kwon and Taeyoung Kim (both under advisor Prof. Sungeui Yoon

  • Prof. Emeritus Kyu-Young Whang Presented Korea’s B..

    This article is on our very own Professor Emeritus Kyu-Young Whang winning Korea’s Best Scientist / Technician Award. htt

  • Bronze in the 41st ACM ICPC World Finals

    The 41st ACM ICPC World Finals was held on May 25th, 9 AM Korean time, at Rapid City, South Dakota. The KAIST team won 9th place,

  • Prof. Min H. Kim Awarded Top 10 Distinguished Rese..

    Professor Min H. Kim of School of Computing won a Top 10 Distinguished Research Achievements of KAIST award during the 2017 KAIST

  • School of Computing Professor Otfried Cheong desig..

    ACM Distinguished Members can be either a Distinguished Engineer, Distinguished Educator, or a Distinguished Scientist. The title

  • 2017 46th Anniversary Awards

    The celebrations for the 2017 46th Anniversary of KAIST was held at the KAIST Auditorium on Jan. 16th. Our very own School of Comp

  • KAIST Center for Mobile Software Platform was awar..

    KAIST Center for Mobile Software Platform (Head: Prof. Seungryoul Maeng) developed “UX Centric Mobile SW Platform”, de

  • Prof. Sung-Ju Lee Wins the WiNTECH Test of Time Aw..

    On the 3rd of October, our very own School of Computing Professor Sung-Ju Lee won the 10th WiNTECH (ACM International Workshop on

  • Ph.D Students Woosang Lim and Chungkuk Yoo Awarded..

    The Google Ph.D Fellowship Program was started in 2009 to find exceptional graduate students in computer science and related field

  • Prof. Cheong wins the best paper award in SoCG'16

    Professor Otfried Cheong received the best paper award in the SoCG 2016 held in Boston, USA last June. He's had two papers acc

  • Naver Fellowship appointment and award

    On July 25, 2016, the following students of the School of Computing have been appointed to Naver Ph.D. Fellow and received the Fel

  • NRF Midsize Core Research Appointment

    The research proposal, “Software Testing and Debugging Automation Technology for Quality Improvement,” of Software Tes

  • Faculty award of 2016 for the celebration of 45th ..

    As a commemoration of 45th year of the foundation, Professor Insik Shin (academic award), Alice Oh (creative lecture award), and J

  • Professor Key-Sun Choi received the Order of Servi..

    At the opening ceremony of commemorating the 569th anniversary of the proclamation of Hangeul that was held at the Sejong Center l

  • Soya Park, an Undergraduate Student of KAIST Schoo..

    Soya Park, an Undergraduate Student of KAIST School of Computing, Has Won the First Prize on Undergraduate Research Participation

  • 2015 LG CNS Hackathon Award Winner

    Three undergraduate students of KAIST School of Computing (Sera Lee, Yong-sun Lee, and Hyeon-Gi Jeon; entered college in '11)

  • Professor Sukyoung Ryu’s Laboratory Received the B..

    Professor Sukyoung Ryu’s Laboratory in our School of Computing received the Best Artifact Award from ECOOP (European Confere

  • Professor Sung-Ju Lee Received the Best Paper Awar..

    The Professor of the School of Computing, Sung-Ju Lee, has received the Best Paper Award from the 35th IEEE International Conferen

  • M.S. Candidates, Jun Hee Woo, Jin Man Choi, Ick Ch..

    Team Scamper (Jun Hee Woo, Jin Man Choi, Ikc Chan Cho, Hun Gwan Ha), the M.S. candidates of Software Graduate Program in KAIST Sch

  • Qualcomm Innovation Award 2015

    Here are the teams have won the Qualcomm Innovation Award 2015 in the School of Computing. Congratulations for winning the award:

  • Top 10 Representative Research and Staff of the Ye..

    On February 17th, the Computer Science department have chosen top 10 representative research and staff of the year for the 44th sc

  • Professor HeungKyu Lee Awarded for Technological I..

    Professor HeungKyu Lee received the 2014 Technology Innovation Award for his contributions to innovative research in the field of

  • Seung-Hwan Baek, MS student, and Prof. Min H. Kim ..

    Seung-Hwan Baek, MS student, and Prof. Min H. Kim presented their work on 3D stereo imaging and received the Songde Ma Best Applic

  • Francisco Rojas, PhD student, received the Disting..

    KAIST Computer Science Ph.D. Student Francisco Arturo Rojas (http://mind.kaist.ac.kr/Francis) (age 32) who is advised by Professor

  • Prof. Kyu­Young Whang Receives Contributions Award..

    Prof. Kyu-Young Whang, Distinguished Professor of Computer Science at KAIST, was the recipient of the 2014 ACM SIGMOND Contributio

  • Eugen Wüster Prize Award

    [Prof. Key­Sun Choi] At the closing ceremony of the International Conference in Terminology and Knowledge Engineering (TKE) 20

  • Taiwoo Park Won ACM CHI 2014 Honorable Mention Awa..

    Taiwoo Park and his five co-authors including his advisor, Professor Junehwa Song, won this year’s ACM CHI Honorable Mention

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