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  • Professor Junehwa Song has been appointed as a Gen..

    Professor JunHwa Song of School of Computing at KAIST has been appointed as a General Chair of the ACM Conference on Embedded Netw

  • Google’s 2015 Global PhD Fellows Award

    Shinae Woo (advisor Sue Bok Moon), the Ph.D. candidate of KAIST School of Computing, has been elected as the Google’s 2015 G

  • New Faculty Announcement: Professor Shin Yoo and M..

    We are pleased to announce our new faculty members as follows: Professor Shin Yoo (August 1st, 2015), and Professor Martin Zi

  • The Chongqing-Liangjiang KAIST International Progr..

    On August 18th, there was a closing ceremony of "The Chongqing-Liangjiang KAIST International Program," for the successf

  • An Announcement for the Winner of the Venture Rese..

    Woosang Lim, a third-year Ph.D. student of KAIST School of Computing, won first place (the grand prize) on the Venture Research Pr

  • Agreement of Computer Science and Engineering Huma..

    On last Friday (April 17th) at 2:00 pm, KAIST (Steve Kang, Chancellor) and Naver Corp. (Sang Hun Kim, CEO) made an agreement for a

  • A Farewell Interview with Ms. Eun-Young Park

    Ms. Eun-Young Park, who had been working for the School of Computing for 21 years, has transferred to another department. She alwa

  • Announcement of New Professor, Sung-Ju Lee

    Professor Sung-Ju Lee has joined our School of Computing on April 1st, 2015. Professor Lee obtained the Ph.D. majoring in netwo

  • KAIST Hosts an Educational Camp Entitled, “Softwar..

    KAIST’s Department of Computer Science organized a software (SW) training camp from January 25-29, 2015 in the Creative Lear

  • Hancom-KAIST Research Center Opening Ceremony

    KAIST and Hancom have pledged to jointly collaborate in research and development of innovative technologies and solutions for soft

  • SGLab and Boeing (USA) Sign Research Collaboration..

    The Scalable Graphics Lab (SGLab) led by Professor Sungeui Yoon signed a collaboration agreement with Boeing for joint research on

  • Robot Motion Planning and Applications

    CS686 (Robot Motion Planning and Applications), taught by Prof. Sungeui Yoon, is a course offered recently from our CS department.

  • Makao Talk: Undergraduate Student Spotlight

    Donghwan Kim, Taesoon Jang, and Cheolho Jeon are the members of the team that placed first in the Kakao-KAIST Hackathon. 1) How

  • SW Advanced Program

    KAIST CS Dept. has been chosen as one of two teams for SW advanced programs, which will be supported by up to 7 years by NIPA. Thi

  • Jaepil Huh, Student Spotlight

    1) How did you get to join the Computer Science (CS) department? My high school friends who graduated before me significantly inf

  • Gyeongyeop Lee, MSc. Student Spotlight

    1) How did you get to join the Computer Science (CS) department? I joined the CS department in Fall 2012 as a graduate student.

  • Minjeong Yoo, BSc. Student Spotlight

    1) How did you get to join the Computer Science (CS) department? I had my first encounter with CS in the introduction to programm

  • Huiseok Son, PhD Student Spotlight

    1) How did you get to join the Computer Science (CS) department? My choice to join the CS department was, to be sure, a surprisin

  • Prof. Min H. Kim is appointed as an Associate Edit..

    Prof. Min H. Kim is appointed as an Associate Editor of ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG). The Association for Computing Machi

  • Developing a Text Mining Search Engine for Cancer ..

    [Prof. Jong Cheol Park] The Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning announced on May 22nd that the research teams led by

  • Prof. Kyu-Young Whang Recognized for his Distingui..

    Prof. Kyu-Young Whang has received the Distinguished Contributions Award at the Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and

  • Prof. Kwangjo Kim to Represent Korea in IFIP TC­11

    Prof. Kwangjo Kim was appointed to represent Korea in International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP)’s Technical

  • Our Ph.D Graduate Appointed as an assistant profes..

    Our Ph.D Graduate Appointed as an assistant professor to Michigan State University Dr. Taiwoo Park, who recently graduated with

  • KAIST Research Team Develop High­Performance Softw..

    HPC Wire, covering news on computing software, hardware, networking, storage, tools and applications, published an article on the

  • [2010 Global Lecture 8/16∼8/20] Prof.Junghoo Cho, ..

    Title : Searching the Web Speaker : Junghoo Cho (UCLA) Date : Aug.16(Mon.) ∼ Aug. 20 (Fri.), 2010 / 13:00∼16:00 Location :

  • [2010 Global Lecture] Prof. Stefano Borgo (Institu..

    Title : Formal Ontology: construction and application Speaker : Stefano Borgo (Institute of Cognitive Science and Technology,Ital

  • [2010 Global Lecture] Prof.Gregg Rothermel (Univ. ..

    Title :Software Testing: Research and Empirical Studies Speaker :Gregg Rothermel (Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln/ Prof. and Jenson Cha

  • [2010 Global Lecture] Prof. Onur Mutlu (CMU), Mult..

    Title : Multi-core Architectures and Shared Resource Management: Fundamentals and Recent Research Speaker : Onur Mutlu (Carnegie

  • 1st Place Prize, 2010 IEEE Computer Society Studen..

    Through the hard efforts of Hyung-won Hwang(CS), Hojeong Cha(CS), Bupjae Lee(EE), Jin Kang(CS), Donghyun Cho(CS), KAIST team share

  • [2010 Global Lecture] Prof. David Root (CMU), Esse..

    David Root, Associate Teaching Professor of Carnegie Mellon Masters of Software Engineering Professional Programs, is visiting KAI

  • Tae­Joon Kim, 3rd prize in the 2010 ACM Student Re..

    PhD student, Mr. Tae-Joon Kim (advisor: Prof. Sungeui Yoon) took 3rd prize in graduate category of the 2010 ACM Student Research C

  • [2010 Global Lecture: 6/21∼6/24] Prof. Sven Dietri..

    Sven Dietrich, Assistant Professor of Stevens Institute of Technology. Computer Science Department, is visiting KAIST CS on June 2

  • [2010 Global Lecture, starting May 31st] Prof. Jun..

    Junichi Tsujii, Professor of Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing of the University of Tokyo and Professor of

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