• Listed on 50+ women to follow in computational soc..

    Professor Moon Soo-bok, Professor Cha Mi-young, and graduate Ahn Ji-sun of School of Computing were listed on the 50+Woman to foll

  • Intelligent Service Integration (ISI) Laboratory o..

    Intelligent Service Integration (ISI) Laboratory of KAIST School of Computing(Prof. Han Dongsoo) has decided to carry out the inte

  • Prof. Sung-Eui Yoon released a book on rendering t..

    Prof. Sung-Eui Yoon released a book on rendering that is freely available on the web.

  • Professor Kwang-Jo Kim, publication on network int..

    Kim Kwang, professor of KAIST (President: Sang Chul Shin) Graduate School of Computing and Information Security Graduate School, a

  • Professor Moonzoo Kim delivered a keynote speech a..

    Professor Moonzoo Kim delievered a keynote speech at the 15th International Conference on Formal Aspects of Component Software (FA

  • Professor Sung Ju Hwang, selected as the winner in..

    Professor Sung Ju Hwang of School of Computing was selected as the winner in the Google AI Intensive Research Awards program annou

  • A tech forum, “The Next Big Thing: Exploring Block..

    The Tech Forum held at the KAIST Academic Cultural Center on September 7, 2018 entitled "The The Tech Forum held at the KAIST

  • Dr. Hoon Sung Chwa, a Ph.D. joined DGIST as an ass..

    As of August 6, Dr. Hoon Sung Chwa (Advisor: Insik Shin) joined DGIST as an assistant professor. Professor Chwa received the BS,

  • Dr. Young-ki Lee, appointed as an assistant profes..

    Dr. Young-ki Lee (advisor: Song Jun-Hwa) from our School of Computing was appointed as an assistant professor of computer science

  • Google AI Intensive Research Award

    Professor Sung Ju Hwang was selected as a winner in the Google AI Intensive Research Awards program. Prof. Hwang is an Assistant P

  • KAIST developed watermarking technology based on a..

    Related articles "KAIST, Artificial Neural Network based watermarking technology development" of Professor Lee Heung-kyu

  • Professor Key-Sun Choi fixed incorporation COLING ..

    Professor Choi Key-Sun, head of bidding committee for International Conference on Computational Linguistics(COLING), participated

  • Professor Jinah Park appointed as Non-standing Dir..

    On September 5, Professor Jinah Park, a professor of School of Computing, was appointed as a non-standing director of the National

  • Professor Dong Man Lee and Professor In Shink Shin..

    The research of Professor Lee Dong-Man and Shin In-Shink has been published in Breakthroughs, an English research web site of the

  • Professor Min H. Kim selected as 6 core patent tec..

    Professor Min H. Kim selected as 6 core patent technologies of KAIST "Ultra Spectroscopic Imaging Technology" of Prof

  • Dr. Hong Seok-in, Assistant professor at Kyungpook..

    Hong Seok-In (advisor: Soon-Tae Kim), a graduate of KAIST's School of Computing, was appointed as an assistant professor of co

  • Professor Kwon Young-jin is newly appointed

    Professor Kwon Young-jin has come to our School of Computing on August 27, 2018. Professor Kwon Young-jin received his Ph.D. from

  • The 7th OKBQA event held

    The 7th Open Knowledge Base and Question Answering (OKBQA-7), where Professor Choi Ki-Sun of KAIST School of Computing is the Gene

  • Professor Hong Jeong-gyu Assistant professor at Ye..

    Hong Jeong-kyu (Advisor: Kim Soon-tae), a graduate of KAIST's School of Computing, was appointed as an assistant professor in

  • Professor of Sung-Eui Yoon selected as ACM Senior ..

    Professor Sung-Eui Yoon was selected as an ACM Senior Member in June 2018. The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) was es

  • Professor Kang Sungwon's book ˝Systematic software..

    Book of Professor Kang Sung Won of the School of Computing, "Development of a Systematic Software Product Line" (publish

  • Establishment of smart science museum exhibition r..

    Establishment of smart science museum exhibition research group to improve exhibitions of the 4th industrial revolution era (Deve

  • Ph.D student Han Young-hoon attended as the studen..

    Ph.D student Han Young-hoon (Advisor : Professor Kang Sung Won) attended at the 1st Annual Meeting of the National Science and Tec

  • Selected as the best paper of KCC 2018

    The papers presented at the Korea Computer Congress 2018 at the Jeju International Convention Center (ICC JEJU) from June 20 to 22

  • Attracted research foundation Leading Research Cen..

    The MARS (Massive, Automated, Reliable, Secure) Artificial Intelligence Integrated Research Center, directed by Professor Alice Oh

  • Software verification work with AI ... Co-develope..

    This is a press release on the successful results of Concolic testing industry-academia research conducted jointly by Professor Ki

  • Kim Bum Joon master’s course student of KAIST's co..

    KAIST Professor Kang Sung-Won's master's course Kim Bum-jun (2nd from left) was awarded the Minister’s Award of Scie

  • Honorary Professor Kyu-Young Hwang appointed as th..

    Professor Emeritus Kyu-Young Hwang of our school of computing was appointed as a member of The National Academy of Sciences, the R

  • Professor Ryu Deok-san appointed as an assistant p..

    Graduated from the School of Computing, Professor Ryu Duksan (Professor Baek Jongmun) was appointed as an assistant professor of s

  • Best Paper Award at USENIX 2018

    Professor Youngjin Kwon, Yige Hu,Zhiting Zhu,Ian G. Neal, Vijay Chidambaram and Emmett Witchel received a best paper award at USEN

  • Won Grand Prize and Special Prize in 9th TOPCIT Re..

    In the "9th TOPCIT Regular Evaluation" conducted by Ministry of Science and ICT and Institute for Information&commun

  • Prof. Byunghoon Kang and his team is awarded a res..

    ONR (Office of Naval Research, Department of Defense, USA) decided to support Prof. Byunghoon Kang's project "Towards Dia

  • Prof. Sung Hyon Myaeng is appointed chairman of Na..

    Prof. Sung-Hyun Myaeng, a faculty member in the School of Computing, has been appointed as the chairman of Naver’s News Algo

  • A technology that can detect clickbait news from t..

    The article is about the development of 'Clickbait news detection software' by alumni of the Web Science Graduate School,

  • Grand Prize at 2018 National Cryptographic Competi..

    Professor Jooyoung Lee and his students Won-Seok Choi and Byeong-Hak Lee won the grand prize for their paper “Indifferentiab

  • HCI@KAIST Research Society, Various activities at ..

    Researchers from HCI@KAIST, an in-school community of human-computer interaction researchers at the KAIST School of Computing, sho

  • Emeritus Prof. Jin Hyung Kim won technology sector..

    On April 12, Prof. Jin Hyung Kim, an Emeritus Professor at the School of Computing, was selected as a winner of the technology sec

  • Prof. Jong Cheol Park's lab has been selected as S..

    The Korean Ministry of Science and ICT and IITP selected Prof. Jong Cheol Park's laboratory as a SW Star Lab of intelligent so

  • Dr. Jongmin Lee joined Wonkwang University as an a..

    Dr. Jongmin Lee (advisor: Prof. Soontae Kim), an alumnus of the School of Computing, has been appointed as an assistant professor

  • Prof. Juho Kim and his team received Honorable Men..

    Professor Juho Kim received an Honorable Mention Award at the ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2018)