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  • Jaemin Hong was selected as a recipient of the Kwa..

    Jaemin Hong, a master's student (advisor: Prof. Sukyoung Ryu) in our department, was selected as a scholarship recipient of

  • Research on the Million Follower Fallacy Receives ..

    Professor Meeyoung Cha’s research investigating the correlation between the number of followers on social media and its infl

  • Prof. Meeyoung Cha received a Young Information Sc..

    Prof. Meeyoung Cha received a Young Information Scientist award from Korean Institute of Information Scientists and Engineers (KII

  • Sung-eui Yoon received the award for Next Generati..

    Prof. Sung-eui Yoon received the award for Next Generation Scientist (in the category of IT), which was selected and supported by

  • KHC excellent demonstration award

    Jaehyun Jang (advisor: Prof. Jinah Park) received an excellent demonstration award for ‘a touch sensing rendering method of

  • Yeonsu Kim, an undergraduate student of the KAIST ..

    Yeonsu Kim, an undergraduate student of our school, won the best research award of the undergraduate research program (URP) on Aug

  • Sungjoon Park, a Ph.D. student of the KAIST School..

    https://ai.googleblog.com/2019/09/announcement-of-2019-fellowship.html A Ph.D. student Sungjoon Park (advisor: Prof. Alice Oh)

  • ICSE 2019 ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award

    Together with Dr. Kihong Heo (Univ. of Pennsylvania) and Prof Hakjoo Oh (Korea Univ.), Prof Hongseok Yang at KAIST received the IC

  • 1st place in Cardiac Segmentation and Best Award i..

    Jeon Tae-joon, a Ph.D. and Lee Na-kyung, a master's degree student both from School of Computing at KAIST (Advisor: Professor

  • Professor Suk-young Ryu's Award for Excellence and..

    Professor Ryu Suk-young of the School of Computing won the Excellence Award and Professor Kim Joo-ho won the Excellence Award at t

  • Won KSC 2018(Korea Software Congress 2018)

    At KSC 2018 (Korea Software Congress 2018) held from Dec. 19, 2018 (Wed) to Dec. 21(Fri), Pyeongchang, our computer science studen

  • Prime Minister Award

    Professor Daeyoung Kim received a Prime Minister Award for his contributions to Government Innovation, especially in public data s

  • Undergraduate Jae-min Hong of School of Computing,..

    At APLAS (Asian Symposium on Programming Language and Systems) 2018 which was held in Wellington, New Zealand on 12/3-5 and was sp

  • Sung-ho Lee, Ph.D. student of KAIST School of Comp..

    LeeSeong-ho(Advisor Ryu Seok-young) School of Computing, KAIST was selected as the best reviewer for the Artifact Evaluation at OO

  • Chosen for NAVER Phd Fellowship

    Last November, ten Ph.D. students from our computer science department were chosen for NAVER PhD Fellowship. The selected

  • Best Application Paper Award

    Professor Geehyuk Lee received a Best Application Paper Award at ACM ISS 2018 for his paper “Design and Evaluation of Semi-t

  • Won Grand Prize at 2018 National Cryptographic Com..

    Two students from Graduate School of Information Security of School of Computing, KAIST, Choi Won-seok in Ph.d course and Lee Byeo

  • Top 15 Most Impactful Early Career Researchers in ..

    Professor Shin Yoo has been identified as one of the top 15 most impactful early career researchers in software engineering by a b

  • The most influential paper among those published a..

    Together with Cristiano Calcagno, Dino Distefano and Peter O’Hearn at Facebook, Professor Hongseok Yang received the ACM SIG

  • Top 100 R&D Achievement of 2018

    Professor Min H. Kim was selected for the “Top 100 Research and Development Projects of 2018” with five other professo

  • Professor Sung Ju Hwang, selected as the winner in..

    Professor Sung Ju Hwang of School of Computing was selected as the winner in the Google AI Intensive Research Awards program annou

  • Google AI Intensive Research Award

    Professor Sung Ju Hwang was selected as a winner in the Google AI Intensive Research Awards program. Prof. Hwang is an Assistant P

  • Selected as the best paper of KCC 2018

    The papers presented at the Korea Computer Congress 2018 at the Jeju International Convention Center (ICC JEJU) from June 20 to 22

  • Best Paper Award at USENIX 2018

    Professor Youngjin Kwon, Yige Hu,Zhiting Zhu,Ian G. Neal, Vijay Chidambaram and Emmett Witchel received a best paper award at USEN

  • Won Grand Prize and Special Prize in 9th TOPCIT Re..

    In the "9th TOPCIT Regular Evaluation" conducted by Ministry of Science and ICT and Institute for Information&commun

  • Grand Prize at 2018 National Cryptographic Competi..

    Professor Jooyoung Lee and his students Won-Seok Choi and Byeong-Hak Lee won the grand prize for their paper “Indifferentiab

  • Emeritus Prof. Jin Hyung Kim won technology sector..

    On April 12, Prof. Jin Hyung Kim, an Emeritus Professor at the School of Computing, was selected as a winner of the technology sec

  • Prof. Juho Kim and his team received Honorable Men..

    Professor Juho Kim received an Honorable Mention Award at the ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2018)

  • Prof. Moonzoo Kim and his team received Distinguis..

    The paper, 'Invasive Software Testing: Mutating a Target Program to Diversify Test Exploration for High Test Coverage,' pu

  • Distinguished Paper Award at ICST 2018

    Professor Moonzoo Kim and his team received a Distinguished Paper Award at IEEE ICST 2018 (International Conference on Software Te

  • Best Student Paper Award Honorable Mention at ACM ..

    Prof. Juho Kim and Jean Y. Song, a doctoral student at the University of Michigan and a visiting researcher at KAIST School of Com

  • Prof. Jinah Park’sresearch selected as 2017 KAIST ..

    Prof. Jinah Park and her research team’s work on "Hippocampal Shape modeling based on a Progressive Template Surface De

  • Ph.D. candidate Hyosu Kim wins the 'HumanTech Pape..

    Hyosu Kim, a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Computing, won the bronze prize in the Computer Science & Engineering division o

  • KAIST International Cooperation Award

    Professor Key-Sun Choi received a 2018 KAIST International Cooperation Award for his efforts in international cooperation. Prof. C

  • KAIST Innovation Award

    Professor Dongsoo Han received a 2018 KAIST Innovation Award for his innovations in industry through technology transfer and comme

  • KAIST Excellent Lecture Award

    Professor In-Young Ko received the 2018 KAIST Excellence in Teaching Award for his teaching efforts. Prof. Ko is an Associate Prof

  • 47th School Anniversary Faculty Excellence Award

    Three School of Computing faculty members won the 2018 Faculty Award in Commemoration of the 47th foundation anniversary of KAIST:

  • 2018 Songam Future Scholar Research Excellence Awa..

    Professor Eunho Yang was awarded a 2018 Songam Future Scholar Research Excellence Award. The Songam Future Scholar Research Excell

  • Prof. Jinah Park received Appreciation Plaque from..

    Prof. Jinah Park received an appreciation plaque from the Dean of College of Engineering for her devotion to KAIST Breakthroughs,

  • Team NLPCL * CGV (Jung-Ho Kim, Youngjin An, Wonsuk..

    Team ‘NLPCL * CGV’ attended the ‘SW/Demo Contest’ and won the best demo award during the Korea Software Co

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