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  • HCI@KAIST Research Society, Various activities at ..

    Researchers from HCI@KAIST, an in-school community of human-computer interaction researchers at the KAIST School of Computing, sho

  • Dr. Duksu Kim, a Ph.D. graduate at 2014, joined KO..

    Under the supervision of Prof. Sung-eui Yoon, Dr. Duksu Kim mainly researched utilizing CPUs and GPUs together, otherwise known as

  • Dr. Jae-il Kim, a graduate of the School of Comput..

    Dr. Jae-il Kim (advisor: Prof. Jinah Park, graduated in 2015), an alumnus of the School of Computing, has been appointed as an ass

  • Prof. Shin Yoo has been appointed as an editorial ..

    Prof. Shin Yoo has been appointed as an editorial board member of Springer’s Empirical Software Engineering journal, startin

  • National Academy of Engineering of Korea

    Professor Sue Bok Moon was appointed as a regular member of the National Academy Engineering of Korea on January 3, 2018. The memb

  • The 9th Asian Conference on Machine Learning (ACML..

    The 9th Asian Conference on Machine Learning, where Prof. KeeEung Kim served as the General Chair, took place in Yonsei University

  • Asiacrypt 2020 to be held in Korea(Daejon)

    During his visit in Asiacrypt 2017 that was held in Hong Kong from December 3rd to 7th, Prof. Kwangjo Kim got the approval to hold

  • KAIST School of Computing hosts MDM 2017

    From May 29 to June 1, Professor Junehwa Song and Professor Wang-Chien Lee of Pennsylvania State University co-chaired the IEEE In

  • KAIST School of Computing selected in the Next Gen..

    On September 19th, all three projects proposed by KAIST Computer School of Computing were accepted in the Next Generation Informat

  • KAIST Convergence AMP program had the 15th entranc..

    KAIST Convergence AMP program (KCAMP, supervisor Prof. Young Whan Kim) held the 15th entrance ceremony on September 4th. T

  • SoC Ph.D Jeongseop Ahn appointed Assistant Profess..

    Our very own School of Computing alumnus Jeongseop Ahn, Ph.D (class of 2015, advisor: Prof. Jaehyuk Huh), was appointed an Assist

  • SoC Appoints Professors Hongseok Yang, Meeyoung Ch..

    ※ Pictured, from left to right: Professors Hongseok Yang, Meeyoung Cha, and Sooel Son We at the School of Computing welcome the

  • Prof. Sungwon Kang Publishes Book on “Systematic S..

    KAIST School of Computing Professor Sungwon Kang published a book on “Systematic Software Product Line Development” la

  • Industry – Academia Cooperation Meetup Held

    School of Computing Industry – Academia Cooperation Consortium (CCC) held a meetup last June 15 at the EL Tower Convention C

  • HCI@KAIST Group Reception (CHI 2017)

    HCI@KAIST Group held a reception at the AC CHI 2017 conference last May 10 in Denver, Colorado. The event aimed to increase intera

  • SoC Prof. DooHwan Bae Wins ICSE 2020 for Seoul

    School of Computing Professor DooHwan Bae attended the Steering Committee of the 39th International Conference on Software Enginee

  • SoC GSIS alumnus Il Gu Lee, Ph.D., appointed Assis..

    Our very own School of Computing, Graduate School of Information Security’s first Ph.D. graduate Il Gu Lee (advisor: Prof. M

  • SoC seminar rooms renovated

    The aging seminar rooms were undergoing renovation from Jan. 20th to Feb. 15th in order to provide the SoC with a better environme

  • SIGPL Winter School 2017

    SIGPL Winter School 2017, chaired by Professor Sukyoung Ryu, was held from February 8 to 10 at the 1st Common Lecture Hall, School

  • School of Computing Ph.D Graduate Young-Seob Jeong..

    School of Computing graduate Young-Seob Jeong, Ph.D, (Advisor: Prof. Ho-Jin Choi) was appointed Assistant Professor at Soon Chun H

  • Meeting Prof. Sukyoung Ryu, your friendliest mento..

    KAIST ACM Student Chapter’s 1st newsletter presents an interview with Prof. Sukyoung Ryu. Every quarter,

  • Yoon.Kim Scholarship Awarded

    (Left to right: Kim Sooyeon, Geonwoo Kim, Yoon Minkyu) Our very own School of Computing undergraduate students Kim Sooyeon (Sup

  • ACM Student Chapter Started

    The first ACM Student Chapter in Korea has been started by School of Computing students Juho Sun, Chae Hwan Song, Dongkwan Kim, an

  • Dr. Bochang Moon Appointed Assistant Professor at ..

    Dr. Bochang Moon Appointed Assistant Professor at the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) Bochang Moon, Doctorate o

  • Tenures and Promotions

    **From top to bottom: Insik Shin, Geehyuk Lee, Min H. Kim As of the 1st of September, 2016, School of Computing professors Insi

  • New faculty announcement of Professor Eunho Yang

    We are delighted to announce that Professor Eunho Yang has been appointed to the School of Computing at KAIST on July 11, 2016. P

  • 2016 KAIST-TUIT Collaboration Program Completion C..

    The Spring 2016 KAIST-TUIT Collaboration Program Completion Ceremony was held on Monday, June 20, 2016 at the SoC faculty meeting

  • Dr. Seonah Lee has been appointed to the assistant..

    Dr. Seonah Lee from the School of Computing (advisor: Professor Sungwon Kang) has been appointed to the assistant professor of the

  • 2016 KAIST Robot Programming IT Camp

    On February 26th, 2016, the School of Computing opened, ‘2016 KAIST Robot Programming IT Camp,’ in digital laboratory

  • Building completion ceremony for main entrance and..

    On January 11, there was a building completion ceremony of the School of Computing main entrance and breakroom in E3-1, at 3 PM. T

  • New faculty announcement: Professor Sang Kil Cha

    We are delighted to announce that Professor Sang Kil Cha has been appointed to the School of Computing at KAIST on November 16, 20

  • Professor Junehwa Song has been appointed as a Gen..

    Professor JunHwa Song of School of Computing at KAIST has been appointed as a General Chair of the ACM Conference on Embedded Netw

  • Google’s 2015 Global PhD Fellows Award

    Shinae Woo (advisor Sue Bok Moon), the Ph.D. candidate of KAIST School of Computing, has been elected as the Google’s 2015 G

  • New Faculty Announcement: Professor Shin Yoo and M..

    We are pleased to announce our new faculty members as follows: Professor Shin Yoo (August 1st, 2015), and Professor Martin Zi

  • The Chongqing-Liangjiang KAIST International Progr..

    On August 18th, there was a closing ceremony of "The Chongqing-Liangjiang KAIST International Program," for the successf

  • An Announcement for the Winner of the Venture Rese..

    Woosang Lim, a third-year Ph.D. student of KAIST School of Computing, won first place (the grand prize) on the Venture Research Pr

  • Agreement of Computer Science and Engineering Huma..

    On last Friday (April 17th) at 2:00 pm, KAIST (Steve Kang, Chancellor) and Naver Corp. (Sang Hun Kim, CEO) made an agreement for a

  • A Farewell Interview with Ms. Eun-Young Park

    Ms. Eun-Young Park, who had been working for the School of Computing for 21 years, has transferred to another department. She alwa

  • Announcement of New Professor, Sung-Ju Lee

    Professor Sung-Ju Lee has joined our School of Computing on April 1st, 2015. Professor Lee obtained the Ph.D. majoring in netwo

  • KAIST Hosts an Educational Camp Entitled, “Softwar..

    KAIST’s Department of Computer Science organized a software (SW) training camp from January 25-29, 2015 in the Creative Lear

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