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  • Asiahaptics 2022 Best Demo Award - Finalist

    At the AsiaHaptics 2022 (http://www.asiahaptics2022.com/) demo session held in China, Japan, and Korea on the 11th (Friday), a dem

  • Fluiz, founded by professor Insik Shin, won the CE..

    KAIST start-up company Fluiz CES Innovation Award for New Technology for Smart Device Connectivity KAIST research team'

  • Self-driving Robot, Delivering Items from Convenie..

    This is an article about address-based self-driving robot demonstration that Auto-ID Lab Korea, headed by Daeyoung Kim, professor

  • Won Grand Prize in the Cryptographic Analysis Cont..

    On October 13, 2022 (Thu), students of KAIST (President Lee Kwanghyung), Changwan Park (Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engi

  • KAIST Professor Meeyoung Cha and Sue Moon won the ..

    In the early days of YouTube, she analyzed the characteristics of user-generated content platforms and won the best thesis award a

  • Won 1st Place in the International Hacker Defense ..

    It is an article about the club from our department, GoN ranked first at the international hacking defense competition "Codeg

  • Daejeon Metropolitan Office of Education-KAIST sig..

    This is a press article about the business agreement with Daejeon Metopolitan Office of Education and KAIST SW Education Center, h

  • 'KAIST Auto-ID Lab Busan Innovation Research Insti..

    Source: Reporter Lim Dongsik of the Electronic Times https://n.news.naver.com/article/030/0003054093 This is an article about t

  • Catching forgery at KAIST, KaiCatch developed a te..

    A research team led by Honorary Professor Heungkyu Lee (School of Computing KAIST) has developed a video forgery detection technol

  • Professor Sangkil Cha's research team won the ASE ..

    Professor Sangkil Cha's research team won the ACM Distinguished Paper Award at ASE 2022, the best academic conference in the s

  • KAIST Auto-ID Lab hosts 'Digital Transformation C..

    This is a press release of the "Digital Transformation Conference Busan 2022" hosted by KAIST Auto-ID Lab, which is head

  • KAIST SoC team from CGV lab became co-champions in..

    Professor Kang Inseok of KAIST Computer Science, and Professor Park Jinhoon of International School of MedicineHe won first place

  • V Plus Lab participated in the 2022 Daejeon DCC Sc..

    V Plus Lab, founded by Professor Moonjoo Kim, will participate in the 2022 Science Startup Show held at DCC in Daejeon for 22.9.21

  • ˝See through with smartphones˝, KAIST invented an ..

    Reference : http://news.heraldcorp.com/view.php?ud=20220913000650 [Herald Economy = Reporter Koo Bon-hyuk] KAIST intro

  • Dr. Jaeseung Choi was appointed as an assistant pr..

    Dr. Choi Jae-seung, a graduate of KAIST's Graduate School of Information Security, was appointed as an assistant professor of

  • Dr. Jieung Kim was appointed as an assistant profe..

    Dr. Jieung Kim (Master's degree at KAIST, Doctor's degree at Yale University) was appointed as an assistant professor at I

  • Dr. Pilsu Jung was appointed as an assistant profe..

    Dr. Pilsu Jung (advisor: Sungwon Kang) was appointed as an assistant professor at Gyeongsang National University. After graduat

  • Jeon Gil-Nam ˝Korea is losing the global Internet ..

    Hankyung interview Jeon Gil-Nam, an honorary professor at KAIST, who was the ‘leading role of opening the Internet' 4

  • Professor Min H. Kim's research team at our School..

    Figure 1. SIGGRAPH 2022 Technical Paper Award Honorable Mention, Ph.D. candidate Inseung Hwang (the first author), and Professor

  • Blockchain Research Center established with Klaytn..

    Klaytn Foundation (https://klaytn.foundation/), the Asian leading blockchain company, announced its selection of KAIST researchers

  • The Best Paper Award awarded at 2022 Summer Confer..

    Sungwon Han (Integrated Master's and Doctorate Program at KAIST School of Computing), Mingi Shin (Master's Program KAIST S

  • Medical AI company Lunit Inc. listed on KOSDAQ

    CTO Jungin Lee at the ceremony (the second from right) Lunit Inc., a medical AI company, in which Jungin Lee, a graduate of ou

  • Professor Moonzoo Kim opens a short-term expert le..

    Professor Moonzoo Kim of KAIST School of Computing will open a lecture on the topic of automatic software testing with Professor Y

  • Junsoo Lee, an undergraduate of our school won an ..

    Junsoo Lee, an undergraduate student (Advisor: Prof. Sungjin Ahn) of our School developed 'Age-free Kiosk for the Digitally Un

  • KAIST signs an MOU with KS Korea Employment Inform..

    On July 7th, the research team led by Professor Uichin Lee of the KAIST School of Computing (Head: Sukyoung Ryu) signed a memorand

  • Krafton Jungle, a software development talents tra..

    [left to right] Coach Joowon Jung (SW Academy Jungle), CEO Bumkyu Lee (Team Sparta), Prof. Sukyoung Ryu (KAIST SoC, SW Academy Jun

  • KAIST develops an Indoor/Outdoor Integrated GPS Sy..

    KAIST announced on the 8th that a research team led by Professor Dong-soo Han (Intelligent Service Integration Lab) has developed

  • SW Disaster Research Center at Kyungpook National ..

    Reference Article: https://www.etnews.com/20220624000148 (2022-06-26) This content is from the press article "Developing t

  • Professor Heung-Kyu Lee developed video manipulati..

    KAIST (President: Kwang Hyung Lee) announced on the 13th that a research team led by KAIST SoC Professor Heung-Kyu Lee developed K

  • Professor Moonzoo Kim received the 2021 Best Teach..

    Professor Moonzoo Kim of the KAIST School of Computing was awarded the 2021 Outstanding Professor Award from Korea Institute of Hu

  • Ringle announced its ‘AI-Based Customized Learning..

    This article is about the AI ​​learning system jointly developed by Professor Juho Kim's research team in our school and Ringl

  • Jungkook Park, cofounder of Elice, was nominated f..

    Jungkook Park (Advisor: Professor Alice Oh), co-founder and CTO of a digital education platform Elice (CEO: Jaewon Kim) was nomina

  • The master's thesis of Hyeongyeol Ryu (Advisor: Su..

    The master's thesis of Hyeongyeol Ryu (advisor: Sung-Eui Yoon), a master's graduate of the School of Computing, was presen

  • Professor Sang Kil Cha awarded IEEE Test-of-Time A..

    < Professor Sang Kil Cha > Professor Sang Gil Cha of the Graduate School of Information Security at our School received t

  • Professor Daehyung Park was selected as the recipi..

    < Professor Daehyung Park > Professor Daehyung Park of our School was selected as the recipient of the 2022 Google Resear

  • Ulzhalgas Rakhman received the “Outstanding Paper ..

    Ph.D. student Ulzhalgas Rakhman advised by Professor Daehyung Park in the Robust Intelligence and Robotics Laboratory (RIRO Lab) r

  • Students of our school won in the 2021 NC Fellowsh..

    < (from left) Kyungwon Jung, Seungmin Hwang, NCSOFT official> On April 25, 2022, Seungmin Hwang and Kyungwon Jung of our

  • Prof. In-Young Ko was inaugurated as the 18th pres..

    Prof. In-Young Ko at the School of Computing was inaugurated as the 18th president of the KIISE Software Engineering Society on Ma

  • Professor Kihong Heo's research team from KAIST Sc..

    < Hyunsu Kim (left), Professor Kihong Heo (right) > In May 2022, a research team of KAIST SoC Professor Kihong Heo, his g

  • 17 Krafton incumbents donated 100 million won to j..

    < (clockwise from left behind) Haechan Lee, Sanghyun Lee, Gunwoo Kim, Seongwon Lee, Kyungdo Park, Prof. Sukyoung Ryu, Jungheon