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2019/09/23 Mon 4-6 PM
School of Computing Building (E3-1) Room #1501
강민석 (National University of Singapore / Professor)
DDoS and Bitcoin Attacks Exploiting Internet Routing

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Mon 4:00 - 6:00 PM


School of Computing Building (E3-1) Room #1501

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2. Foreign students may attend an SoC seminar announced in the board instead of a session, but at most for three sessions. This is due to several Korean sessions. In other words, a foreign student may attend 5 sessions and 3 SoC seminars announced in the board, 6 sessions and 2 SoC seminars, 7 sessions and 1 SoC seminar, or 8 sessions.
3. Please e-mail the TA(chunmyong.park@kaist.ac.kr) for any questions regarding your attendance.

Attending SoC Seminar

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