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Mon 4:00 - 6:00 PM


School of Computing Building (E3-1) Room #1501

Attendance Check

Submit your attendance sheet after every lecture (We provide the sheets in the classroom).
Check your attendance status: here

* Two absences are allowed.
If you are absent Three or more times, you will not get the S(pass) grade.
**The attendance rules apply to all students, including foreign students.
*** We also count the absence from the first lecture (i.e., the first lecture is not an exception).


Attendence Substitution

You can replace attendance with a colloquium in another department or an event in SoC department.

General talk held by the professor is not substituted.

You must write a paper in the same way as our Coloquium class, and submit evidence (photos, pamphlets) to prove that you attended the event.

You can download the paper form here

Attendence Announcement

Hello, I am the TA of CS colloquium.

I am posting this notice to inform you about the attendance policy.

As you know, there are total of 12 seminars arranged for this semester, 8 of which are done in English, and 4 in Korean.

It’s mandatory that all students, including foreign students, to attend AT LEAST 10 out of 12 seminars(including substitute seminars) to pass the class.

There is no time limit in when you need to take the substitute seminar in order to replace it. (e.g., you can substitute the absence on 4/29 with a substitute seminar attended either before or after 4/29)

There won’t be any separate notice for substitute seminar schedules, but as long as it’s a seminar received from KAIST e-mail, it will be accepted.

For non-Korean speakers, after attending the 8 english seminars, there will be 2 more seminars to fill. It’s completely optional to take the Korean seminar. However, for those who find it difficult to attend them, you can use the substitute seminar policy.

The reason for this is NOT to force non-Korean speakers to listen to Korean seminars, but rather for the fairness between foreign and Korean students. Also, this is intended for students to participate in various seminars.

After completing the attendance replacement form, submit it by TA e-mail (gabriel1joon@kaist.ac.kr) or submit it directly to the TA.


Prof. Meeyoung Cha link

Prof. Sooel Son link

Teaching Assistant

JaeHeon Kim (honey618@kaist.ac.kr)

Wonjun Chung (gabriel1joon@kaist.ac.kr)