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Mon 4:00 - 6:00 PM


School of Computing Building (E3-1) Room #1501

How to check attendance

0. Due to COVID-19 outbreak, at least first 3 sessions will be held online. During this period, we'll use Google Form for attendance checking instead of tokens. You can check your attendance record at https://gg.kaist.ac.kr. Username and password are both initially set to your student ID.
Because of a bug in gg.kaist.ac.kr, some students are not registered as attended even if they submitted the form on time. Please check this spreadsheet if you can't find your entry in gg.kaist.ac.kr. We apologize for the inconvenience.
1. Before the seminar begins, get a token from the TA.
2. After the seminar, log in to the attendance check page (https://gg.kaist.ac.kr). Username and password are both initially set to your student ID.
3. Click on the session that corresponds to the day's talk, enter comments and the token, and submit them.
You should submit a token within 12 hours from the beginning of a session.

Attendance Policy

1. To get the S(pass) grade, you should attend 8 or more sessions.
2. Foreign students may attend an SoC seminar announced in the board or this email instead of a session, but at most for three sessions. This is due to several Korean sessions. In other words, a foreign student may attend 5 sessions and 3 SoC seminars announced in the board, 6 sessions and 2 SoC seminars, 7 sessions and 1 SoC seminar, or 8 sessions.
3. Please e-mail the TA(jaehwang.jung@kaist.ac.kr) for any questions regarding your attendance.

Attending SoC Seminars (≠ SoC colloquium)

For those foreign students who attend SoC seminars, please make sure that the seminars are announced in the board.

You should submit (1) speaker, (2) talk title, (3) place, (4) time, (5) your comments, and (6) a photo of you that proves you attended the event.

Submit the talk information in this form.


Prof. Sukyoung Ryu link

Prof. Jaehyuk Huh link

Teaching Assistant

Jaehwang Jung (jaehwang.jung@kaist.ac.kr)

Dongwoo Oh (dongwoo.oh@kaist.ac.kr)