On March 12, 2018


원광연 (국가과학기술연구회 / 이사장)


The meaning of Research in the Age of the 4’th Industrial Revolution


At the Davos Forum held in the last year, it was claimed that we were about to enter the 4’th industrial revolution which is characterized by the range of technologies that fuse the physical and digital worlds, and thereby not only industries but also our lives will be redefined in an unprecedented way. If this is the case, the framework for conducting research, and even further, the way we regard research itself will have be changed as well. In this talk, I will first present the historical context in which the technology advances are crystalized as ‘revolution’, and then will suggest how we should adapt ourselves to the ‘revolution’.


Kwangyun Wohn is Chairperson of NST (National Committee of Science & Technology), which oversees the 25 national research institutes including KIST and ETRI. But more importantly, he is Professor Emeritus and Founding Dean of the GSCT (Graduate School of Culture Technology) at KAIST (Korea Institute of Science and Technology), in Korea. Before he joined at KAIST, he had worked at Harvard University (USA) as Lecturer, and at University of Pennsylvania (USA) as Assistant Professor. Having returned back to his home country, Korea, he had been with Computer Science Department for fifteen years, until he established a new graduate school, Graduate School of Culture Technology (GSCT) in 2005. Major activities and accomplishments include: Director of Virtual Reality Research Center which is a national center of research excellence, Founding President of Korean Society of Human-Computer Interaction, Founding President of Korean Society of Performing Art, and Editorial Board of British Computer Society. While his research interests span a broad range of the intersection between art and science – from theoretical aspects to practicalities – he focuses his research efforts to the application of VR to various cultural artifacts such as stage performances, museum exhibitions and entertainment contents.