On Mon September 05, 2022


KG Kyoung-Gu Woo


How can I enjoy working at my first company?


In this talk, I'd like to share useful tips on how we can enjoy working at companies. I'll start from useful hints on working better at company, and then suggest the recommended attitude for successful career building. Finally I'll present how we can prepare ourselves as better leaders and followers.


KG Kyoung-Gu Woo is CEO of Growdle Corporation. Growdle is a new start-up that is attempting to revolutionize the workplace using language AI technologies. Before Growdle, he led the successful commercialization of many strategic R&D initiatives of Samsung Electronics, such as Bixby, S-Detect, and AceDB.
●2021/11 ~ Now: CEO of Growdle Corporation
●2021/03 ~ 2021/09: Vice President / Head of NLP Lab, SR Samsung Electronics
●2017/11 ~ 2021/02: Vice President / Head of AI Development Group, IM Samsung Electronics
●2016/11 ~ 2017/10: Research Master / Head of AI NLP Group, IM Samsung Electronics
●2015/02 ~ 2016/10: Research Master / Head of Data Analytics Group, SAIT Samsung Electronics
●2010/01 ~ 2015/01: R&D Staff Member / Head of Data Analytics Group, SAIT Samsung Electronics
●2003/10 ~ 2009/12: Senior Engineer / Software Laboratories Samsung Electronics