On Mon November 29, 2021


Hwajung Hong (KAIST Dept. of Industrial Design / Associate Professor)


UX Challenges for AI/ML products


We already interact daily with instances of AI/ML. Design challenges come with integrating AI/ML solutions into day-to-day products and services. These challenges range from typical UX problems, such as explainability and user feedback, to greater social impacts and ethical implications, such as echo chamber and bias. In this talk, I will introduce the ways to handle AI/ML as new design material, discuss the complexities of designing AI/ML interactions, and propose a human-centered design framework for positive user experience in AI/ML products.


Hwajung Hong is an Associate Professor in the Department of Industrial Design at KAIST. She explores design from, with and by data to develop technologies that can amplify human value. She works to provide novel design methods for creating human-centered AI applications that respect various stakeholders' value including health, well-being, safety, diversity and equity. Before joining KAIST in 2021, she worked as an assistant professor at Seoul National University (2018-2021) and UNIST (2015-2018). Hwajung received her Ph.D. in Human-Centered Computing from Georgia Tech in 2015 and B.S. in Industrial Design from KAIST in 2009.