Information of Seminar on MAY 15


Kyle Jamieson, Princeton University


Leveraging Mobility in Vehicular and Indoor Wireless Networks


This talk will focus on the role that mobility plus in two systems, each of which operates in very different network settings, pushing different system design boundaries in each. In the Wi-Fi Goes to Town project, we have built a Wi-Fi based roadside hotspot network designed to operate at vehicular speeds and picocell (meter-sized) cells. Wi-Fi Goes to Town APs make delivery decisions to the vehicular clients they serve at millisecond-level granularities, exploiting path diversity in roadside networks. We have implemented our system in an eight-AP network alongside a nearby road, and evaluate its performance with mobile clients moving at up to 25 mph. Next, I will describe MobiTagBot, a system that uses mobility at a slower scale and in an indoor setting. MobiTagBot can order RFID-tagged books placed on a library shelf 3-5 cm from each other, detecting any mis-shelved books.


Kyle Jamieson is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Princeton University and Honorary Reader at University College London. His research focuses on building mobile and wireless systems for sensing, localization, and communication that cut across the boundaries of digital communications and networking.