On April 23, 2018


양홍석 (KAIST 전산학부 / 교수)


Some Puzzles and My Research


This is a slightly unusual talk designed mainly for students. For about an hour or so, I will present 4-6 puzzles, and encourage the students to solve those puzzles with their friends. The solutions of those puzzles will use some important ideas in computer science, which in particular form the basis of software verification and probabilistic inference. I plan to explain these ideas and their uses in those two important areas of computer science, which happen to be my former and current research fields.


Hongseok Yang is a full professor at the School of Computing, KAIST, Korea. His research area is programming languages, but he mostly works on problems that arise at the boundaries between programming languages and other areas, such as machine learning, statistics, probability theory and distributed systems. He is currently excited about probabilistic programming, the idea of developing a programming language and its system for writing and using advanced machine learning models effectively. He received his PhD degree in 2001 from the Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA. Then, he was a postdoc researcher first at KAIST from 2001 until 2003 and next at Seoul National University from 2003 until 2006. After finishing this postdoc training, he took a lectureship (corresponding to assistant professorship) at Queen Mary, University of London, UK for about five years, before he move to the University of Oxford, where he took an associate professorship (2011-2014) and then a full professorship (2014-2017). While he was at Oxford, he also held tutorial fellowship at Worcester College, one of the most beautiful Oxford colleges. He joined KAIST in 2017. He is a co-winner of the 2016 CAV award, received a distinguished paper award in PLDI 2014 and a best paper award in CONCUR 2012, and held an EPSRC Advanced Research Fellowship from 2007 until 2012.