Information of Seminar on MAR 27


이상엽(Sang Yup Lee), KAIST


Biotechnology in the Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution


This lecture will talk about what needs to be considered in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where digital, physical, and biotechnologies have merged without boundaries. We will be looking at various technologies that have been developed in solving big global problems, especially how biotechnologies solve these problems and how they will change our lives in the future.


He is a professor at the department of Chemical and Biomolecular engineering at KAIST and recently became the director of the KAIST research institute. He has been conducting a variety of biotechnological research focusing on microbiological metabolism. Currently, he is the chair of the Global Agenda Council on Emerging Technologies and on Biotechnology in World Economic Forum (WEF) and a committee member of the Presidential Advisory Council for Science and Technology (PACST).