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윤종수(Jongsoo Yoon), 크리에이티브 커먼즈 코리아 & 법무법인 광장


commons 이야기: digital commons에서 city commons까지


전통적으로 Commons는 시장이나 국가가 아닌 커뮤니티 기반의 사회적 규약에 의한 배분이 이루어지는 자원을 의미한다. 그러나 오늘날 Commons는 그 개념에서 추출되는 원리로서 생활방식과 사회, 경제, 정치시스템의 변화에 촛점을 두는바, digital commons에서 social commons, sharing economy를 거쳐 city commons에 이르는 변화는 이를 잘 설명해준다. 2005년에 출발한 CC Korea가 코드나무, 공유허브로 영역이 확대되고 C.O.D.E.로 바뀌면서 Commons Lab을 그 미션으로 정하게 된 과정 역시 그와 같은 여정이다.


  Mr. Jongsoo (Jay) Yoon is a partner at Lee&Ko. His main practice areas include intellectual property rights, protection of personal information, internet, media content, broadcasting, information and communication, and entertainment.
  Mr. Yoon graduated from the Seoul National University College of Law and received a master’s degree in law from the University of Seoul. Mr. Yoon began his legal career as a judge at the Busan District Court in 1993, and had served as a judge at the Seoul Central District Court and the Seoul High Court, and a presiding judge at the Seoul Northern District Court for 21 years before he went into private practice in 2014. During his career, Mr. Yoon has served as an assistant administrator of KAFIL(Korea Association for Informedia Law) and an assistance administrator for some Research Group of the Supreme Court, such as the Research Group for Intellectual Property Right Laws, for the Research Group for Justice Informationization, and for the Research Group for International Standards in the Field of Intellectual Property Rights, and participated in the WIPO SCCR as the representative of the Korean government three times. In addition, Mr. Yoon worked in the task force team for the introduction of electronic procedure in the Supreme Court as the team head, and in the task force teams of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism for the Korea-U.S. FTA, Korea-EU FTA, and Korea-China FTA. Mr. Yoon led the specialized tribunal for not-guilty plea established for the first time in Korean courts.
  Mr. Yoon has served as the commissioner of the Personal Information Protection Commission and Korean Copyright Commission until 2014. At present, Mr. Yoon is serving as a member of the Content Dispute Resolution Committee, and Open Data Mediation Committee, and as a chairperson of the Advisory Board for the Development of Internet Search Service. Recently he was named a member of Open Data Stratedy Council, a Panelist of Internet address Dispute Resolution Committee, and the Broadcasting and Communication Policy Representative Committe of Korea Communication Commission. He is now the vice president of KAFIL.
  He is also plays leading roles in various volunteer works in and out of Korea as the Project Lead and the board member of Creative Commons Korea, a non-profit organization which spreads the idea of Creative Commons in Korea, since he founded it and introduced Korean version of Creative Commons License (CCL) in 2005. Recently he became the board member of Creative Commons.