On October 22, 2018


한요섭 (연세대 / 부교수)


Automata Theory and Applications


An automaton is an abstract machine for modeling computer hardware and software. Automata theory is the study of computation models and the computational problems under these models using automata. Automata theory is closely related to formal language theory. There is a hierarchy in computational models (finite languages, regular languages, context-free languages, recursively enumerable languages and so on.) It is one of the oldest topics in computer science yet there are several new results based on automata theory. Nowadays automata are used in many applications in many different forms. We revisit some known results in automata theory and present how a simple language recognizer (i.e., automaton) is being used in several applications.


Prof Yo-Sub Han obtained his Ph.D. in computer science from HKUST in 2006. He worked as a senior researcher in Korea Institute of Science and Technology until 2009 and is currently an associate professor in the department of Computer Science at Yonsei University. His research interests include formal language theory, algorithm design and information retrieval.