On September 04, 2017


김광현(Kwang-Hyun Kim), NAVER Corp.


Naver Search X AI


Naver has been the most popular search engine for over a decade in Korea. As a search engine, Naver aims to match a user’s search intent with the information in the web pages and databases. To achieve this, Naver has utilized traditional information retrieval models and machine learned models to understand users, queries and web documents. The recent breakthrough of deep learning made big progress in image classification and text analysis. With this powerful method, Naver could provide new search services that meets user needs.

In this talk, I will cover research topics and search services especially recent AI based projects that Naver Search is working on.


Kwang Hyun Kim is a Director of Naver Search at Naver Corp. Joined Naver at 2000, He ran Naver’s core search department where he and his team were responsible for the Naver search modeling and R&D. Kwang Hyun received Ph.D in Information Retrieval at SoongSil University, His research interests are in the area of Search Modeling, NLP, Machine Learning and AI. In 2013, He was named a ‘Technical Fellow’ which is given to the Naver’s top technical specialists. Kwang Hyun is currently running Naver Search’s many ongoing projects, including AI based projects like Clova, Smart-lens and Naver-i.