Information of Seminar on MAR 06


Mehdi Tibouchi, NTT Secure Platform Laboratories


The challenge of physical attacks on cryptographic schemes: past, present and future


For many years now, cryptographers have designed cryptographic primitives with sound mathematical foundations, which in theory remain completely secure to this day. And yet, implementations of these primitives get broken all the time. This is because of several gaps that exist between theory and practice. The purpose of this talk is to explore one of those gaps: that of physical attacks, which allow an adversary to bypass mathematical security guarantees by interacting with cryptographic devices like smartcards and smartphones in ways that are not considered in the models of theoretical cryptographers. We will present some striking historical examples of such attacks, discuss more recent progress along these lines, and mention ways in which these attacks can inform our choice of next-generation cryptographic primitives (particularly for the development of cryptography secure against quantum computers).


Mehdi Tibouchi obtained his Ph.D. from University Paris 7 and the University of Luxembourg in 2011, and moved to NTT (Tokyo), where he is now a permanent researcher. His research interests cover various mathematical aspects of public-key cryptography and cryptanalysis.