On April 09, 2018


민상윤 (솔루션 링크 / CEO)


Underneath of Industry 4.0 : Hidden Issues and Opportunities for Us


As we all know, Industry 4.0 is the hottest word in today’s industry. There are hundreds of attractive, fascinating, awesome and realistic words about Industry 4.0 we are hearing everyday. And I am sure there will be big changes in our daily life and work. As a computer scientist, I and we look at this 4th industry Revolution as tremendous fusioning of knowledge across different domains and technologies, using software. We sure that software will play the most critical role as an enactor. Automotive, transportation, medical clinic, school, communication, and even war will have big revolutionary advances using software. New era of rosy and shining future. However, there have been always risks and dangers underneath of every Industrial Revolutions in history. The every revolution has two sides of the shining future and the accompanied risks. In this seminar, we look at risk side of the 4th Industrial Revolution. We also look at the risk side of the past revolutions. The good news is that all risk eventually evolve into new business opportunities, the hidden opportunities for us.


Dr. Min studied computer science from undergraduate to Ph.D. He received Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from San Francisco State University in US. He studied at KAIST for his Master’s and Ph.D, in Computer Science. He special field is Software Engineering covering Software Process, Methodology, Quality, and Safety. He established the first Software Engineering consulting company SOLUTIONLINK Co, in Korea, in year 2000. SOLUTIONLINK has been providing Software and Safety Engineering experts services for various domains including Automotives, Finance, Defense, Electronic Appliances, Telco as well as future cities. He is currently 15th year of adjunct professor at KAIST. He received various awards and recognitions from Korean Governments for the software industry promotion.