Multimedia Computing Laboratory

Faculty Name
Heung­Kyu Lee
Research Area
Visual Computing, Intelligent·Information Service, Secure Computing
#4436, E3-­1

Introduction to the Multimedia Computing Lab
Multimedia Computing Lab at KAIST focuses on multimedia content protection. Our goal is that we foster better multimedia environment to develop multimedia content protection against an infringement of copyright and a forgery. Our research interests include digital watermarking, offline content protection, and multimedia forensics.

Digital watermarking & Fingerprinting
Digital watermarking and fingerprinting are technologies to protect copyright of multimedia contents embedding secret information such as a copyright data. We have developed the digital watermarking algorithms and extended our research fields to 3D printing contents.

Convergence offline content protection
We have developed 2D offline content protection algorithms to apply a banknote and a check fusing signal processing and optical technology. We are now focusing on 3D printing content protection beyond the 2D offline content protection.

Multimedia forensics
Multimedia forensics comprises protection technologies identifying multimedia devices or detecting multimedia forgeries. We have developed various multimedia forensics algorithms. Moreover, we are commercializing diverse image forgery detection algorithms.